HF9 metal detecting in park 6/24/17 - Stalker

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  • [ – ] Cantewesa reply do you have any opinions on the vintage bounty hunters? i found i have a bounty hunter TR550-D with a 6" coil that i picked up cheap at a sale as well.....does not seem to detect more than an inch or two in air though, but i might have to see if the batteries are weak
    • [ – ] WildcatCreekSurvival22 parent reply I hunted with TR machines for years and found a ton of stuff with them, that 550 should get better depth than a few inches, and if operating properly will get deeper than the HF9, say about 6" on quarters. The TR's must be set up to barely hear sound, called threshold, when tuned properly. I'm sure there is a manual somewhere on the web. I'd put some batteries in and take it for a spin in a local park or school ground. TR's on average are better at seeing through iron trash than the VLF's, and will detect coins that are close to iron or even touching it.
      • [ – ] Cantewesa parent reply all three batteries measured out at a good 9 volts, so i must just need to learn how to tune it.....it just seems to wander off tuning so easy on its own, and then becomes hard to tune in again making continuous sound
  • [ – ] Cantewesa reply great tips and pointers Mike, Thanks.
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