Apologies. I Messed Up. A Quick Correction

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  • [ – ] IAmMute reply Canadian here. This is.. terrifying.
  • MirceaSava reply I seem to remember a time not too long ago when some people used to think atheism was a religion and prominent atheists taking time to refute that. Clearly that was a mistake. Looks like we are soon approaching a point where we'll have to register atheism (or something similar) as a religion and require penal prosecution under blasphemy law for any mention of a god and other irrational thoughts and behaviors. So bring it, Canada!
  • RoboLynx reply Thanks for the correction!
  • no-name reply You're fake news now Dave
  • Trattoria reply The wording of this motion is intentionally vague and subversive, much like our beloved Charter of privileges and limitations and many other bills and motions, which allows lawyers and judges to indulge in legal interpretation. Most importantly it fails to define Islamophobia which, medically speaking, would be an irrational fear of Islam. This must be the first instance of a government deciding to take action (using tax dollars) against a mental disorder.
  • LogicTroll reply Are there KEKistani-Canadians out there? Now is the winter of our OPPRESSION Made DANK MEMES by this BEAVER of SHITPOSTING And all the VIRTUOUS TOLERANCE that IMAN TRUDEAU low'rd upon our KEKANADA In the (_________) of the (____________) We are truly an oppressed people. I am but a simple beaver, who wishes to learn to farm BECAUSE my nation is burka'd by M103. These are still early days of my planned assault to liberate our CUCK nation from the NEPOTISM of the EVIL Justin Trudeau. May the Dank'ness of this assault prove itself worthy of KEK's praise. We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a FREE KEKASTANI order. A KEKASTAN where the SHITPOSTING of KEKASTANI'S, not the NORMIES, governs the conduct of THE INTERNET. When we are successful and we will be, we have a real chance at this FREE KEKASTANI order, and order in which a FREE KEKASTANI PEOPLES can use it's SHITPOSTING role to fulfill the promise and vision of the PROPHET PEPE. ...more SHADILAY!!!
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