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  • [ – ] mattig89ch reply *sigh* religious people are insane, and now we must kill them all! Because, clearly, people who believe in a higher power, are all clearly xenophobic, homophobic, psychopaths. And all they are needing to start up a cult, and start butchering people, is permission from some leader, and gun. Really? Is it just me, or are these game ideas getting less and less interesting? For me, 3 was great. Great character, a compelling story, and even just the right mix of side quests and a compelling main quest. 4 was decent, but the main character needed more characterization, there were too many side quests, and no real compelling main quest. I had no interest in that prehistoric one. And now this. *sigh* I guess I won't be buying this one either.
  • [ – ] Heyou-GetOffaMyCloud999 reply -This game"FarCry5" was made by a bunch of typical, indoctrinated, college-commie assholes. The whole scenario of the game is pure propaganda, designed to portray Christians as a bunch of nut jobs evildoers, who supposedly have a bad influence on this country. This pisses me off, since in reality, it is just the opposite! It is the Christian influence in this country which has given us things like freedom of speech,and other God-given rights as well as the great prosperity that this country has enjoyed all which make it possible for the ignorant slimeballs @ "FarCry5" to even exist. They need to shove this game right back up their greasy, stinking, shitholes, where it came from.
    • [ – ] Preis parent reply Murica, world is 6 thousand yers old and the devil incarnate Darwin made up evolution, eh? This game is too real for you to swallow. Jonestown? Joseph Smith? Anything that would ever appear in this game will never surpass the vile bestiality of the bible. But of course, like every good christian you have never even opened it.
      • [ – ] Heyou-GetOffaMyCloud999 parent reply Who said ANY OF THAT? No, the game isn't too real for me to swallow, because it's not real. IT'S A GAME! Which means it's completely UNREAL, totally madeup, 100% ARTIFICIALLY CONTRIVED FABRICATION. It's a lie. Made up for the benefit of people of people who want to live a communistic (yet selfish), hedonistic, anti-Christian lifestyle. BTW- the Bible doesn't teach that the world is 6 thousand years old, you just think it does. Plus, Jonestown and Joseph Smith don't really have anything to do with Christianity. Now, I'm not going to respond if you reply here, because there isn't enough time and space and I'm not so sure I want waste the energy, because your as ignorant as a bag of rocks. However, you are more than welcomed to visit my channel "Conservative Report" and post there and I'll debate you there. However, if you go there for the purpose of just causing trouble and harassing people, I'll just block you.
        • Preis parent reply Jonestown and Joseph Smith have exactly as much to do with christianity as this game. As for the bible, if go by the genealogies and count how long the people were living since adam you get about 6k years. Of course that might not concern you if you see it as a book of tales, which is a fair opinion.
  • [ – ] Epic_Dave reply What about Far Cry Brexit? Where you play as Mack, a guy who is on a mission to free his people from the evil clutches of the E.U :P
    • pjalmighty42 parent reply Surprisingly would be more compelling then this left-wing dreck. Also, when you hear the ring-bell, you know your ass is grass EU!
  • Sagara_Sousuke reply Yes Mack! we want the real you, in the raw and uncensored.
  • [ – ] ShaxxUK reply OMG MACK IS ON VIDME! *hyperventilating with happyness* . Mack please stay here! Don't be like every other YouTube and just stop uploading!
    • [ – ] Rawman parent reply Come back to this comment in 2 weeks hahahaha! Jokes. We never know. But this would make for a funny joke in a video if in 2 weeks he's gone.
      • [ – ] ShaxxUK parent reply It would prove your point more. I do hope Mack stays around though. I have loved mack for almost 2 years now. He's amazing!
        • Rawman parent reply A lot of them do stay around but channels die off if they don't constantly get picked then they just seemingly lose gumption. Just the most noticeable ones vanish like askagangsta has done to us lol.
  • [ – ] 1wsx10 reply first time on this site, damn. the video player is actually responsive. when i press pause, it pauses straight away. hopefully this takes off. it would be nice to see some competitors for youtube.
    • JustSomeguy parent reply I doubt it, Shittube really is a monopoly and the powers that shouldn't be won't let Vidme become popular where the truthers can critique the videos of all the fake news that is the corporate media and alternative media shills without getting their channels deleted!!!!!!
  • [ – ] Jesperhk reply Great review Mack, nice that your here aswell :) Keep it up!
  • [ – ] WolfyAU82 reply The cult plot is certainly interesting direction for the series, but how Ubisoft have chosen to play it in way that comes across as a cheapened experience. I would have thought escaping from a Jonestown like setting with plenty of well written plot twists to keep you invested might have made for a better experience, instead you have a setting that is too densely populated with a cookie cutter cult that plays it too damn safe. So far, Far Cry 5 looks like a missed opportunity and something we've all see plenty of before - Time will tell. Oh yeah @vidme we need an edit comment function instead of deleting and reposting amended comments. I kinda get while such a feature doesn't exist, but it really sucks for honest user who makes those annoying little mistakes right after hitting Post Comment.
  • Taboovector reply the redneck song made me laugh hard , you should make the long version if you got time xD im sure it would hit the top 10 fast :P
  • [ – ] GSBaelog reply Someone needs to tell Ubisoft that simply because the Muslims are doing this in their country doesn't mean that Christians are doing it in America.
  • whako reply Glad to see you on Vidme man love your YouTube videos, great to see your content on here as well!
  • pjalmighty42 reply I'm Billy Redneck and #FuckYouYouTube and #FuckYouYouTube...I'm Billy Redneck and #FuckYouYouTube and #FuckYouYouTube...
  • SgtShooterPerson reply Fuck censorship.
  • DaftHooligan reply Hahahahaha. I will now be watching all your Vidme versions. loved the little song.
  • DrunkenLeprechaun reply Its definitely a different take on Far Cry 3 hmmmm dunno if i like it or not but I loved Far Cry3 So much Vass is such an amazing voice actor!!
  • [ – ] GalacticFerox reply hey everybody go check out my channel
  • BrandonVoiceVidme reply Wow people bitching for the sake of bitching just shut the fuck up and play the game. People bitched because their killing nothing but natives, now people are bitching because they're killing Americans and....just shut the fuck up and stop bitching about every little thing and stop looking for every little thing to get mad at..... Fucking ingrates And just saying... the Bell thing is obnoxious, But that's just my opinion
  • DouglasESL reply Great graphics....
  • makanko reply Well the song wasn't that bad :)
  • CloudKnight reply ugh that fkn ringing ur doing is annoying as hell
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