Why Video Games are Good for Kids

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  • [ – ] DoobelS reply Yes, I agree! I believe that if it's used correctly, video games can be a great tool in schools. Some people learn best by listening or reading, others by seeing something visually or doing something physically with their hands, and games can cover all of that. I have personally got a lot of friends through playing games, and it really helped me learn English as a kid. Minecraft and similar games can also help with creativity. So yeah, games can be really good for kids :D
    • GamerRaf parent reply Exactly, I learn physically and visually. Video games make everything a lot easier and a lot more fun.
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Totally agree, at least its far better than it used to be with Minecraft apparently being used in some schools. Some people seem to legitly think that fun + learning isn't a thing. Remember how parents complained that staring at a TV was meant to give you bad eyes and now we have VR headsets we strap directly to people's faces...
    • GamerRaf parent reply Yeah I don't know how people can think that if you are having fun you can't learn. That's my favorite way to learn. And I still feel kind of weird about wearing VR headsets so close to my eyes but what are you gonna do lol
  • [ – ] bunniiBGG reply Yes this is what ive been saying for years! Bravo Raf bravo!
  • [ – ] MichiganerE reply The fact that gaming is still seen as a form of violence is hilarious to me. Oh well, once gaming is no longer a "new" form of entertainment, it'll probably stop being blamed.
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply Yes! Finally a video that gives a positive message to video games :D
  • [ – ] AnimangaNation493 reply Video games helps kids from becoming a real life incredible hulk and instead push them to be more calm and cool like nick fury
  • [ – ] WebNoob reply Video games helped me release most of my anger that I could've instead unleashed on something else, like an object or person. FUCK YOU DOOR.
  • [ – ] CringeGames reply I like that you address video games making kids violent. You are quite right that it does not :)
  • [ – ] JAC3DG33K reply Agreed can be real helpful with creativity, stress relief, and problem solving. Great video
  • [ – ] whako reply Video Games should be a required school course for all kids lol, would have definitely loved that when I was younger.
  • [ – ] MisterHan2000 reply Thank god, someone else who sees video games as beneficial. Keep up the great work, I love your stuff!
  • [ – ] AnimangaNation493 reply Video games help release stress
  • [ – ] AP_Games reply Most arguments against video games come down to the correlation vs. causation issue. Fun fact - violent crimes began decreasing in the early 1980's, the same time video games started to explode in popularity. Simply put, if kids are playing video games, they aren't out committing crimes. As for what I've gained from games, I played a lot of strategy games and puzzle games. Turns out I got hired to my new job because I'm a strategic thinker. I like to think games had a hand in developing that in me :)
    • GamerRaf parent reply That's so cool! You can put that in your biography "became a professional strategic thinker by playing video games" lol Yeah, people just don't know who to blame when crimes happen so they blame games. It's very stupid. Then ignorance that don't know better believe it.
  • [ – ] USUandS reply I think what you said about "keeping your mind active" has sort of been my takeaway from video games. Luckily, my parents seemed alright with the idea of gaming and bought me an N64 when I was about five and have loved it ever since. Something else I've noticed is when I transition from watching TV to work or school work, I feel zapped of energy. When it's from playing games to work, I feel a little more awake and prepared to get stuff done. I'll take gaming over TV most of the time :p great video!
  • Draximus reply Good stuff
  • [ – ] SpeakingOfGames reply Never understood the whole video games are the reason for kids are violent argument, where the proof at haha
  • [ – ] Mithmasa reply Playing games is a lot healthier than watching TV because video games are an active activity and watching TV is a passive activity. You need more brainpower to play a game than watch TV. Video games are also more enjoyable than watching TV (at least for me). So there's that.
  • GamerRaf reply @AltHonor Thank you for the tip!
  • [ – ] FrostyGalaxy reply I'm so glad you made this
  • [ – ] Iannis_Hour reply Upvote and Share just for that vid :D
  • [ – ] Iannis_Hour reply Well the basic benefit i got from video games is : A Life Style ! I am a gamer and now i am working to be a developer thanks to : Games and Specialy School that made me so angry an bored that i realised i have to be transported in another universe to feel better :D (ok that didnt sound right but just say that i am pretty addicted :)
  • Iannis_Hour reply Well I just take the joke from GradeAUnderA but for example I Love supermario now and as a little kid but when i was a kid i didnt want to find a got dang turtle and just jump on it ! Seccond when i first started playing MineTest in servers i was having that job as a paid minner fact that gived me stuff and things SO WUT ? So a 10 year old can learn esyly the value of work and price +That nowdays a kid can win a big price just by playing a 2d game RELY (brawlhalla for example)
  • [ – ] GameGir95877271 reply Oh yeah, video games are definitely a relief from the Real world. For me, it's been that way for coming up on 38 years, I get stressed when something or someone pisses me off and I'm sure you guys do too, With video games, this is a way to relieve my tension instead of hurting or tongue lashing anyone, I can do it at my PC. But if I do get stressed out, it's not because of video games, it's because the real world and the BS politics gets to me and that's also why parents need to stop thinking about video games brings violence to their kids in real life when REAL Science proves that they don't promote real life violence, that's really stupid! How many times that people have disputed that video games never cause violence, just how many times that we hear, see and read about that?
  • [ – ] TokyoPatrick reply I don't really agree, but you bring up some good points with television. I feel that boardgames are a better form of entertainment that the whole family can enjoy. I don't have a problem with video games as long as video games aren't raising the child. 1 to 2 hours is fine, I just dont see them being beneficial. Still, the topic is subjective. Good video regardless.
    • GamerRaf parent reply Thanks, I understand. I do agree that board games are way better because the whole family can enjoy together. I do believe that video games are beneficial but of course anything in excess is bad. Thanks for watching.
  • [ – ] top10archives reply I thoroughly believe gaming helped mold me in regards to creativity and a desire to think outside the box.
  • [ – ] NintendosixD4 reply There is a study that says Video Games also contribute to memory. I can remember events, in detail, from my life from the age of 2 to now. And I believe it all stemmed from getting my NES when I was 2 and gaming ever since.
  • Taobob reply r vid is shit
  • RickyFyied reply Follow me and help.me get verified
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