From Mrs Randy Quaid To Mrs Kurt Cobain

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  • Justtupelojoe reply This is my story (In GQ Magazine)
  • Justtupelojoe reply I apologize for the ignorant comment below "kimmijo8". I applaud you and Randy for all you have accomplished. Trust me, people know the TRUTH. the only people who don't or those who are stock holders TO the scams, corruption, etc. SHEEPLE. I was framed in 2013 Presidential assassination plot & the Feds made sure FAKE news destroyed my music career. I used to perform 3 to 5 days a week making $500/hour to $2000 a show. That ended in 2013 Ricin letter frame up fake Gun Control Hoax. Can we talk? I fired both corrupt Mississippi Attorneys May 13, 2016. I lost a movie deal and documentary people are fucking me left and right (they are friends with attorneys I fired) My life is upside down. Please email me
  • kimmijo8 reply what about contacting the States Attorney General's Office, and FBI, instead of making crazy sex tapes?
  • ifcdirector reply Did you ever see the confession of Eldon Hoag?
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