French Left Tries to Cast Le Pen as Nazi Again

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  • Sectual reply If Le Pen doesn't win, France is so screwed. That will be very sad to see. Some places in Sweden aren't even getting mail delivered anymore because the violence is so bad. That's how the takeover begins... areas deserted by locals, turn into massive ghettos and infrastructure decays. So interesting how migrants bring the third world with them... I know I'm surprised.
  • bfuss0101 reply If you are slandered as being a "nazi" by the globalist utopian are at least worth listening to.
  • [ – ] OralRobots reply People here who know something of France regard Le Pen as "far right." Since when is love of one's country and culture an extremist view? I'm wearing my Le Pen T-shirt today to subtly troll any lefties I encounter. Because fuck them.
    • [ – ] HowlinWolf parent reply I woke up one day and realized that I am an extremist because I want a strong economy, legal immigration, and I actually love my heritage.
  • CamillaSweden reply I am REALLY sure of that Marine Le Pen will win the France Election.. My knowledge of France politics is not all that good, but I know it anyway. I just goes on the feeling I have...and that is usually proven to be correct. :) //Camilla~Sweden
  • HowlinWolf reply Just checking in Styx. Coming from youtube. Will be using this site as much as possible and a few others like Steemit.
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