response: The REAL Truth Behind 'Chemtrails' by TheYoungTurks

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  • [ – ] TriangleBlast reply I clicked out as soon as I saw a bronie with a squeaky voice complaining about TyT. I assumed this was in response to Chemtrails, which are in fact bullshit.
    • [ – ] iamli3 parent reply yeah it's usually a good idea to watch the video you're commenting on before you comment....ffs.....
      • [ – ] TriangleBlast parent reply Just another tyt rant, why bother?
        • iamli3 parent reply because it's not a rant it's an analytical breakdown of their source information of critically important topics relevant to the health of this planet , and if you still don't like it cause of tyt then i have many other videos for you to select from , in fact i just uploaded my video explaining many things about trump's missile strike on syria....
  • [ – ] TriangleBlast reply Oh a Bronie is going to argue for Chemtrails, this is so sad😔. Please superglue your own asshole shut.
    • iamli3 parent reply lol whatchu talkin bout bitch nowhere do i personally use the term "chemtrails" you're crazy dawg er horse.....
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