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  • AvidFan reply ItsOkayToBeWhite - especially after watching the ITV "Exposure" hit piece. The thing is, it was very hard not to agree with practically everything that was said. Nothing was "exposed" and nothing was "extreme". The vast majority would agree with the views expressed. I think it was a great advertisement.
  • theunbeholden reply It sounds lame. What you should be aiming for is not "if it shocks the left" because just about everything does. What you need to accomplish is to radicalize potential revolutionaries & push people who already are right-wing further to the right. Make them aware of points or facts they weren't aware of before and expose them to a new worldview, alternative perspective and way of life that is a true alternative to the current system. Everything less than that is lame as hell.
  • Broomfondle reply I prefer "It's Alright to be White" rhymes, scans better & sounds almost like AltRight....I think i'll start a splinter the Judean Peoples Popular Front did...
  • Auceza reply Also it's ok to watch MW regularly. :-)
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