My PC Building History

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  • [ – ] Ms_K reply yo this was dope LegendGary!
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Some throw backs! I never had a rich pc history like you i did build a few back in the day but it was just random stuff in a random case lol.
    • LegendGary323 parent reply Lol i tend to upgrade something in my PC often. I get satified when i build it but then few months later i want something different or something to add. Thanks for watching!
  • [ – ] flinx101 reply my first PC was an Osborne.
  • Residentbeyond reply that gtx 460 doe
  • [ – ] NicoleJeanette reply Wow, a lot of throwbacks here! Most of the computers I've had ever since my first PC (in 1995) have been custom but I've had some Compaq and Acer pre-made PCs (that were terrible for gaming hehe). Your second build is very similar to one of the PCs I had. I definitely agree about cable management, it's so hard to keep everything organized, that's why I love Full towers, more space. Great video @LegendGary323 :)
    • LegendGary323 parent reply Yes, working in a full tower with cable management is so much easier. Trying to manage wires in a mid tower will equal some battle cuts from the case lol.
  • SunsetPop reply My history involves going to best buy. That is the right way to go. Lenovo!!!
  • ROPname reply Very cool history man! Found you through the shoutouts :) I basically do the same thing - Little channel with Gaming, Tech and Geek stuff :) - bit more focused on Gaming Nostalgic contend due to time constrains, need to do more Tech :D Keep it up man! Keep building and growing! PS. Love how the Build with GTS460 turned out before and after the cable manage... I had a similar experience with my first build (AMD phenom and GTS450... which kept me gaming for 7years)
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