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  • [ – ] c_arnold03 reply All you need is some Barry White playing in the background and no one could deny that it's somewhat erotic at that point.
  • [ – ] iTone reply peeling glue off of skin is literally so satisfying no idea why it just is lmao
    • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply Weird I know, one reason I enjoy painting the house, lying in bed peeling little bits of paint off drove the wife nuts.
      • iTone parent reply lmfao i feel like i would do something like that. it's one of those weird pleasures that nobody will ever understand
  • XOXOMUSIC reply I don't know why, but it's just satisfying lol
  • LadyK reply I use to do this in grade school but with liquid Elmers glue. Back in the day they had markers that smelled like fruit. We kids must have driven the teachers mad.
  • ItsRaditz reply Stop using all your money on Glue donate me it so i can buy more food :)
  • DomeDominus reply Damn, I don't understand it too. But it's not sexual at all. It's kinda disgusting for me, but I do feel the satisfaction and the spine tingles, which is becoming pretty addictive. Am I alone on this?
  • userXVI reply I just watched the wierdest thing ever and I like it.
  • JonLayman reply This video helped me find my purpose in life. I can live again.
  • Boobe2007 reply Why is Super Deluxe making fetish videos now?
  • Anonymous7193 reply What kind of cancerous fuckerry is this?? XD obviously she loves peeling dry sticky substances from her skin for "sexual pleasure". Glue is not the only thing she does this with haha
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