Top 5 MOST ANNOYING Cartoon Characters of ALL TIME!

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  • [ – ] sarah reply oh man, i forgot how much i hated coco. literally the worst character next to dutchess and cheese. yes i said it, i didn't like cheese!
  • praetoriancorps reply Dis agree about Quagmire, I like that character and to me hes essential to the show. Like most characters. But with Sarah I had the same experience, she is extremely annoying.
  • [ – ] Gavinmation reply This list could have literally just been the entire cast of The Nutshack or Bromwell High. But for me, it's a pretty obvious and popular one, but Lisa Simpson. She's not only my most annoying cartoon character, but my most annoying and hated character of any TV show, period.
    • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith parent reply The most tragic thing about Lisa is that she used to be a fun, deep character instead of a pseudo-intellectual parrot. Never-the-less, many of my choices are much worse. (Especially 7, 6, 3, and 1.)
      • Gavinmation parent reply Honestly, I think Cartman got better once the psychopathy thing kicked in. It made him more his own character rather than just a loud-mouthed kid which there was already plenty of in cartoons, and made the relationship between him and Kyle more drastic, and thus more unique also. He has wavered in the past couple seasons though with the introduction of continuous storylines. But I think Cartman really hit his stride between seasons 5 and 13.
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply I have to agree with Sarah, she's the precursor to Kirino Kousaka from Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii wake ga nai, only that Kirino is far less of a cunt. Glenn Quagmire is hit or miss. I stopped watching CN when Smelly Telly appeared. I agree with Caillou, he sucks. I also agree completely. Here's Mine: 10. Lucy Liberty in English dubbed F-Zero (More annoying than funny) 9. Edd Gould (Sure, he was a nice guy in real life, but as a character, he was extremely dull and boring. Give me Julius von Brunk or Tomorrow's Nobodies instead.) 8. Any Nina Paley character (She's the Rob Liefeld of Flash Animation.) 7. Naru Narusegawa (Abusive, temperamental, and just plain not unlikable. If only if we had Negima and Evangeline kick her sorry ass and parade her naked and in bondage getup, that would totally redeem Love Hina.) 6. Eric Cartman after South Park Season Four (Psychopathic without being remotely likable or funny.) 5. Vash the Stampede (He has no appeal or charm) 4. Sam T Nelson's Taco ...moreMan (Almost never funny) 3. Eva and Blackie from Miss Dynamite after Episode 16 (Unlikable, unfunny, and I prefer Sharem Ma'ten as both of them. Plus, I can go on a rant on how much of an unfunny, stuck-up, hypocritical piece of shit Sirkowski is, but I'm not in the mood.) 2. Honey Kisaragi in Re: Cutie Honey (This iteration of an anime icon is, quite honestly, one of the biggest bastardizations I have come across.) 1. Dokuro Mitsukai and all of Saint Guernica Academy (She is annoying, ditsy, manipulative, stupid, and just plain irredeemable. Plus, she never gets any comeuppance aside from the second episode. Almost all of Sakura Kusakabe's classmates are irredeemably parsimonious, cruel, sadistic, and in some cases, sociopathic. They too never get put in their place.)
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply None of them are as annoying as my ugly face.
  • Aaronshy reply I knew you wouldn't leave out Annoying Orange despite saying you wouldn't do an obvious choice.
  • ShriekingShade reply oh god Sarah! I wanted to rip my ears off every time she started talking DX
  • Albert_Fuller reply Hey, New Fan here! I think you did a great job on this and i really appreciate how you put it together👍😎
  • basic_goku reply I think vid me hates me.
  • KotaTail reply When Cailou was mentioned, I haven't watched him in years but I can imagine how bad he used to be that I didn't realize.
  • WolfandRaptor reply Sarah really was a little turd, but it was her character technically. Every character in family guy is annoying. I remember the first annoying orange video was funny when I was in middle school. After that I have no idea what the hell people were thinking continuing to make it.
  • Justicewithasword reply I sexually identify as a lizard.
  • Wendiz reply Seriously.. Lmao! Family guy is telling a story of event day life and politics.. If you don't get it.. SORRY NOT SORRY!!!!
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