How to make sure Vidme does NOT turn into YouTube

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  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply am i the only one not worried about Vidme? Vidme may be little late to the video broadcasting industry, however they are lucky that Youtube came before them because now they have a good reference on things what not to do and do.
    • [ – ] Proto parent reply I'm definitely not worried, I am just saying that we as a community got to speak up if vidme does make mistakes.
    • MadMohawk parent reply Monetize my videos...... they need to make money to afford server space and we need to make $$$ as creators. Don't worry be happy.
    • [ – ] JVemon parent reply The main concern is not just that YouTube has the vast majority of users, but also that nothing stops it from fixing its issues while retaining the users.
      • [ – ] MadMohawk parent reply And let's not forget that another Titan is in this space, I upload to YouTube, here on Vidme and on Amazon. I make decent money on Amazon, tho they much more selective on content. Another thing that may occur, this site reaches critical mass and is gobbled by someone like Microsoft or Sony or even Amazon or Google and simply absorbed or killed off.
        • [ – ] Proto parent reply Hopefully not.
          • MadMohawk parent reply Happened to Occulus, and many a contributor was upset at Facebook absorbing it. If it can be made profitable on a large scale it becomes a juicy target for aquisition by those with deep pockets. At the end of the day being acquired for 100's of millions of dollars or Billion dollars is a mighty big carrot. I hope more and more outlets for our content pop up.
      • Seawolf25 parent reply true, and when no one says anything to YT Staff they don't really care.
    • MadMohawk parent reply Thanks for the upvote, worrying is pointless.
    • Fat_White_Elephant parent reply All that's happening is youtube finally has competition so later on it will have to stop being a arshole if It dos t want to go the way of the dinosaur.
  • JustinZhao reply I like the idea of just automatically assigning anyone a 'donate' button. This might be a good way to avoid a lot of hassles and 3rd party money people and instead just let people 'monetize' themselves and who they like. But to the point - yes, i hope can carry on the best ideas but also go a little direction of its own. So far so good, its not a 'youtube clone' and is developing its own unique feeling. I love it!
  • [ – ] ALPachiro reply One thing I like that they did not copy from youtube, is the dislike/downvote button. I mentioned this in another comment on another video, but, Down vote buttons aren't necessary they just create negative energy and someone who might of liked your video won't watch it because they see the dislikes.
    • [ – ] JVemon parent reply Sometimes there is legitimately bad content, though. And if it only shows upvotes, people may be led to think that the content is good.
      • MadMohawk parent reply If it's bad the viewer will know soon enough on their own
      • ALPachiro parent reply Yes true. I see your point. but sadly the dislike button or downvote button is abused by haters who just dislike or down vote out of jealously or just because they don't like the topic. With no down vote button the best these people can do is just not click upvote.
    • MadMohawk parent reply They seem to have little effect on viewing too. There seems to be loads of angry people on YouTube down voting others videos out of spite. Just as there is loads of channels bad mouthing other channels. There's enough eyes to go around. Make content and improve, don't belittle others work
  • RSNAnime reply I am hopeful about VidMe, they really have been marketing themselves as a site that is going against the mistakes YouTube made, and ensuring that they can empower the creators. The VidMe team seems to be paying attention to the community as well, like when I first joined a couple of them followed me. I think if it's just a troll comment saying you suck that you shouldn't worry about it too much, if they have the substantive critique then it should be considered. And yeah, comments for small channels mean a lot, I try to make sure I leave comments on the smaller channels. If it's a YouTube channel that gets thousands of comments on every video then I normally won't comment unless I have something I really want to say. I agree, replying to the comments is important too. I also make sure I look at the new videos that come out for the anime catagory (since that's mainly what I'm interested in) so that I'll see all the videos that interest me. My worry about VidMe is that it will need to m...moreake money, so while they may want to be a place that is a great community and such, they have to pay the bills. Hopefully they can become profitable and keep this a great site.
  • [ – ] MeowTheRainbowX reply I feel like you should have your script planned out better. I like the video idea and your suggestions, but I couldn't finish the video because you kept pausing and repeating yourself. If could make your video quicker and more to the point, that would be great.
    • Proto parent reply I appreciate the thought out comment man, it was more so a spur of the moment video but I will note that. Thanks.
  • Fox1cake0 reply Great video bro and i also did notice when I upload on people actually care lol , I love the community vibe here.
  • Raichana reply Great Video with a lot of great points. I adore the community here and i look forward to seeing it grow.
  • Supernatural_Sightings reply I think as they grow they will have to get more employees to handle to incoming emails and suggestions..maybe a team of people..but I believe that they are really trying to do things the right way and take our concerns into consideration and our suggestions..I think they will still reach out to the content creators as much as they can..I have felt very welcomed since I have been here and everyone has been really's a good place to be!!
  • JadeJicama reply The so far fantastic thing about vidme's support staff is they are surprisingly quick to retweet and help new channels get exposure over on twitter, which tells me they're definitely paying attention to the community, rather than the way Youtube sends out vague tweets that don't do much beyond sound threatening.
  • [ – ] duffy reply don't worry...we won't :)
    • LuminousDragon parent reply It will certainly be challenging as the platform grows. I am sure there will be people that wont understand why you guys "change" or seeming become more impersonal as time goes on. Just a single example is if A small celebrity has 10,000 and always replies to everyone comment. That might be fifty comments a day. Then the celebrity gets bigger and has 1,000,000 fans, and still takes the time to reply to fifty fans a day. But people will complain because the celebrity stopped replying to everyone.
  • TheSmokierx reply I like the feeling of a real community, comment in videos, doesnt matter if is a small channel
  • Kleech reply How is the vidme community so nice to each other? I haven't seen a single hate comment on this site. It makes me cry of happiness that there is a place on the internet where people do care about each other.
  • [ – ] WolfMob reply Are you on youtube too or just vidme
  • DynastyStar reply I don't necessarily agree with the whole "if they listen to our concerns when they're small, they will listen to us when they are big". Companies appeal to investers. Companies at times undergo new management for whatever reason which is especially apparent after they get bought out. We should air our grievances, but understand eventually they may not care.
  • UnLuckyCatfish reply Aslong as they dont fuck up! im ok! stay like this!
  • polywuf reply has great potential to be a sweet alternative to the shithole site YouTube has become but I'm disappointed that I still see clickbait garbage everywhere
  • FredJokamotraye reply Vidme already decided to not allow political content on the homepage supposedly. The first major mistake I've seen, and seriously that was one of the reasons people left youtube to join vidme in the first place. So I would ask for transparency if they're refusing to have content viewable on the main page for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I don't agree with any subjective policy where some idiot locked away and out of touch with the rest of the world decides what is and isn't appropriate, it's no different than the site being their own subscriptions box and nobody else gets to post, completely ignorant.
  • Dreyson reply So far I think they've done a good job of being what we all wanted YouTube to be so far but once it blows up we'll see what their really made of. I trust though
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