Gorsuch Isn't a Threat to Roe v. Wade or Anything Else and Should be Confirmed

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  • wolfalexzemla reply Off topic but I am sick of people saying "IF REPUBLICANS DID THAT TO DEMOCrATS THEY WOULD.........." Should we anoint the democRats with special powers/privilege and normalize it by speaking that we recognize its typical for democRats to do as they please and get away with it. If they are not arrested we should not give a verbal acceptance.
  • [ – ] SavageHenry reply It may be a bit naive to claim Gorsuch will have NO influence on the court. As far as I know, he has a long history with Kennedy and some would argue that he could be a rightward influence on him. A flimsy argument admittedly, but still one worthy of consideration. As far as Trump not appointing a far-right justice to replace Ginsburg, I'm not sure I buy that. I'm not convinced he cares much about others' opinions, a far right judge would have little trouble getting confirmed once the nuclear option is invoked for Gorsuch (a near certainty at this point), and we don't even know yet if Trump WANTS a second term. This presidency is basically the last chance the right has to get anything at all done for the foreseeable future. If the left regains power they will make sure they never have to let go of it again short of a 1776 rehash, so the one thing the right should want more than anything is as many far-right (preferably young) lifelong SC justices they can ram through. For the sake of...more a judicial counterbalance to weather the storm of left-wing executive and legislative authoritarianism that we may have to face 4-8 years from now. I wouldn't doubt that they don't give a fuck how people feel about it in the short term.
    • SavageHenry parent reply This was my first vidme comment and I must say, this really needs some work. There is no edit button, so mistakes are unfixable, and the site strips out line breaks, reducing a well formatted series of paragraphs into an absolute mess.
  • gbkthaddock reply The democrat senators and some republican just don't want anything that President Trump backs to happen.
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