The Google Diversity Manifesto and Peter Coffin's ill-informed reaction

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  • DrunkenUncle reply Who makes a video on a document they haven't even read? It's mental! Great job, Bearing!
  • [ – ] AaronR reply I'm going to start watching all your videos on VidMe. I hope other content creators such as Sargon or Lauren Southern start using it because it seems now that YouTube is starting to implement their ideological purge.
  • [ – ] rxantos reply Do this people actually read what they speak about?
  • Hagelbocken reply how is this moronic clown? I guess his name is pretty suiting cuz his brain is definitely dead and buried in a lefty asscrack.
  • BrownGaijin reply I've read the memo. I'm still trying to figure out what was so sexist about it. btw I came from Minds. Cheers.
  • [ – ] MickiDaWop reply I am only watching these days, Bearing. I will miss the other videos, but at some point, we have to take a stand. Google, YouTube and Patreon are DEAD to me! Oh...and this idiot has gone full-on retard.
    • [ – ] blazedu parent reply He also posts videos on minds, check it out.
      • MickiDaWop parent reply blazedu - Thanks, I forgot I had made an account there as well, just about when the "adpocolypse" happened. I wanted options for my impending boycott. Thanks for the reminder.
  • Mr0303 reply If you had any doubt that what Google did to the author of the diversity memo was wrong here's Peter Coffin agreeing with their authoritarian policies and being a dumbass in general.
  • tkadtkad reply maximum bubble integrity achieved.
  • Farmduck reply Wow! My comment was featured in a Bearing vid!!! Does that mean I'm famous?
  • Aethelweard reply Never seen that channel before; the one you're critiquing. That motherfucker is annoying..... and stupid.
  • VoltaicFire reply I don't understand how Peter Coffin has absolutely no self awareness, we need someone to hold up a mirror in front of him when he soaks, maybe he'll get it then.
  • [ – ] Ndoki reply Facts = poison and hurts the company. Got it.
  • [ – ] LessLikeYou reply Peter practices his facial expressions in the mirror a lot. I'm really enjoying the fallout from this whole thing. It is shining a bright light on people who go after anyone they hate without actually informing themselves on the issue at hand. It is glorious.
  • JohnSmith- reply Woo Hoo, a video that was linked from Best to diversify.
  • GeorgeEnglish reply Peter's opinions belong in the coffin. I don't like this transgender. Not because it is trans, but because it has irritating ideas, voice and movements. An utter
  • Amalgamous reply the market place of ideas has to die... that guy is literally hitler XC
  • ej_cake reply Why didn't the guy read it the memo before making a response to it? Oh, wait, his fat ass can't even take mental gymnastics to that level. smh
  • Paul_of_the_Hill_People reply The manifesto was carefully worded, very polite & factually true. He even tossed in a couple jabs at conservatives to help keep the triggering to a minimum. This is why these knobs want everything censored. The last thing they want is for you to get your hands on actual information. What a knob.
  • AManNeedsAUsername reply The Straw man Is strong in this one.
  • MrStargazer reply Hey man, I'm glad to see you're on VIDME I've just made an account due to this and am glad so many good creators are here.
  • blazedu reply Why is it so hard to accept reality? Holy shit! The marketplace of ideas has to die!? what about your own anonymity on the internet for whatever comments you would like to make? Oh that's right, you don't care because you think your ideas are the correct ones. This guy's nuts, fuck him.
  • funandreviews reply expand (possible spam) also, is this peter coffins guy actually defending breaking the law?is he pro-illegal activity? there are federal laws that stop things like what google did and what this guy is saying should be done.
  • Sock_Puppet reply Peter's Coffin's video is a prime example of why the far left are fucking retards!
  • [ – ] jj27 reply And this man is allowed to vote. Fuck in hell
  • Tangara reply Coffin got a severe case of Lysenkoism going on. Businesses, even nations, doing ideologically based "science" tend to go belly up sooner or later
  • funandreviews reply expand (possible spam) by making that video, by his own logic, shouldnt he be fired for sexism?
  • Carm3D reply Liberals love handing out labels.
  • BJDOnline reply lol Brilliant!
  • Caz_Gerald reply James Damore pointed out in his memo that Google, and the industry in general, is having a problem attracting and maintaining women in tech and leadership roles, provided evidence why this may be, noted that the evidence is generalized and many individuals don't fall within the generalization, provided suggestions that might increase female representation, and alluded to possible unethical and/or illegal hiring, support and training practices that Google has implemented in attempts to improve diversity. Damore also stated that he hoped his memo would open a dialogue allowing points of view that were stifled by shame within the corporation. Damore did not write an anti woman in tech and leadership manifesto. He wrote an anti group think manifesto, for which he was fired for wrongthink.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply I love how these people have no actual refutations of factual studies. Just "sexist" "rasis" etc... have u seen homeboy that wrote the memo?? Dude is softspoken and treaded very lightly
  • BiggiNiki reply This poor 'anti-sexist' guy is such an idiot. It's so easy for him to just jump on the bandwagon. He clearly didn't read this paper.
  • AndreasView reply Im watching Bearings videos on VidMe from now on. Google is the Angel of Death and Youtube is dying.
  • ChrisDangerfield reply One of the most effortlessly unlikable people I've seen online.
  • OctopusOnFire reply These people don't live in an alternative reality, they live in a parody.
  • bytesback reply WTF!!!!!!!! So I popped over to his channel and gave my opinion of him on that video ( It wasn't good). A while later I get this............. Hey Bytesback, Lucky you! Peter Coffin has made you a moderator on their channel. As a moderator, you can now remove unwanted comments from videos posted on that channel. Comments you remove will be sent to the creator for their review. View channel Find out more about moderating comments in the YouTube Help Center. Thanks, The YouTube Team
  • Bad-People reply "Men and women and... anybody else?" Is Google employing children?
  • ThoughtfulChrysalis reply It seems Google has shown its true colors. If you haven't already, use another search engine like duckduckgo or something else. You would be surprised at the difference in results. Look up equality on Google, and it is selling equality of outcome over equality of opportunity. Google has been corrupted.
  • scottyb9053 reply butt hurt
  • Merlynn reply You know,I never knew why people gave Peter such a hard time. Having now not only seen how phoney he is in a video but also his rape face,I can see why. The idea that he has also breed is terrifying as he's now passed cancer onto another generation. Sweet fucking christ how has this thing survived this long?
  • jak0b550n reply That guy put together a misrepresentation of such epic proportion one wonders if he did it on purpose. I cannot tell if he is making a parody of himself. Regardless, he published something the shame from which I would die had I been the composer.
  • [ – ] BanksyStyle reply I didn't see this first here because vidme doesn't alert me, VIDME get this shit fixed ffs, bearing i have and account here too come say hi ;-)
    • [ – ] Forestal parent reply Did you click notification bell icon? What I've noticed is a time lag, so Vidme needs to work on it if they ever start a streaming feature.
  • jjgugg reply Why why
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