Fake News Selling Us The Autonomous Vehicles Agenda

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  • [ – ] rohnson_john reply It's unreal what these people think they will get away with from here to eternity. If you believe in the psychopathy rises to the top theory of Western Civilization then the people at these Bilderberger meetings must be, duh, psychopaths. And this video and all the other blatant hoaxes are simply an indication of a psychopaths inability to anticipate how other people will react to them. A psychopath is "tone deaf" at judging emotions. In our case they never get the thought in there head: "Hey! Hold on. I don't see many people believing this hoax. I can just see it now. Some guys with a name like "trustonenews" is going to make us look like fools.". Yeah, they never have that inner voice and this is the result.
  • NatureGuy reply This and the robot thing.. weird..
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