Kirby's Adventure (NES) #1: Vegetable Valley - Nathan Plays

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  • [ – ] Arcade-Salad reply kirby super star for the snes is pretty awesome
    • [ – ] Nathan_Sample parent reply I'm mainly a platformer guy, but I play a little bit of everything.
      • [ – ] Arcade-Salad parent reply oh ok so I play shantea on my channel and that is akind of fun game what i also think is a really cool game is last of us but that is more a action game but the story is really good and maybe kingdom hearts that is also a cool game but othewise a lot of the retro platforming games are cool too maybe mario 64 or did you played that game already?
        • [ – ] Nathan_Sample parent reply I've already played SM64 but I might play some rom hacks one day, or maybe Banjo Kazooie since that's an awesome game. I've never played Shantea, that's the Genie girl right? Kingdom Hearts sound cool, right now I don't own that one though.
          • Arcade-Salad parent reply ok yeah true that is shantae banjo kazooie is also fun and of course conker bad fur day hahaha that is a weird but funny
    • [ – ] Nathan_Sample parent reply I think might've played that for the DS once or twice.
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