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  • crazydingo reply Would love to bring a rugby team in ... big rugby team that claim they identify as women , ... wait they could claim to be a women's rugby team ... lost in my own thoughts again ... good vid suit 👍
  • albanothemadman reply Just tell em' you identify as a woman! Problem solved. Maybe you'll even get a discount!
  • [ – ] Didymus reply When will feminists learn you can't fractionate the female sex? They will always have fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons that they love. Only a small number of women want to reject all men. The result is an embarrassment like this.
    • [ – ] VoltaicFire parent reply The female version of MGTOW.... WGTOW I guess is not much of a customer base to build your business on. I kind of hope the business crashes and burns for this.
      • Didymus parent reply Both of them are incomprehensible to me. But this group wasn't even satisfied to have a private women-only club. They want to publicly discriminate against men they haven't met and don't know. Truly, it's vile.
    • AceAcer2 parent reply It all started with the 2nd wave of feminism after the "sexual revolution" and the "women liberation". Some feminists, married with children, decided to leave their husbands and children to be and i quote "political lesbians". It's those imbeciles who started the men-hating movement inside the feminists movement. Today some feminists are still perpetuating this with shit like this cafe - a bit softcore in term of men-hating stuff compared to Clementine Ford and other feminists lunatics are spewing tho.
  • CattyDog reply How can Bearing live here??? I'm female and I'm not going anywhere near this stupid cafe?? Vegan? I'm going to Maccas!
  • TheMac reply I have zero respect for these hate mongering bigots. I have an equal amount respect for the submissive wimps who tolerate and even submit themselves to such horse shit.
  • [ – ] Sock_Puppet reply Off course their male customers pay it because anyperson with a fucking brain has already boycotted the shithole!
    • Shimeran parent reply Yeah. Anyone who doesn't want to pay likely isn't a customer. What I'm hearing is the trolls haven't found them yet.
  • DrunkenUncle reply It would be a vegan cafe, wouldn't it?!
  • AceAcer2 reply Suit, i think you just find another con artist who wants to use the same tactics Anita is using for years - which is claiming to be a feminist to say anything without being challenged and make money even if there is absolutely no feminist blood in her. As you suggested in this video she is using this to have free advertisement. Lucky for her she is doing this in a city that is more feminist than feminists themselves - it wouldn't have been possible if she tried to open a cafe like that in the USA or even here in Canada, we might be morons but not that much :P I remember the time when feminists wanted us men to let women in our taverns in the name of equality - i wonder what would have been their reactions if we had put an entree fee only for women to enter the tavern. The reason for the fee could have been justified by saying that women are indiscrete and the fee is there to compensate the men for women indiscretions :P I suggest if there is any taverns in Australia the owners shoul...mored charge a fee for women in to be equal with the "privileges gap" men has to suffer because of feminists. The money could go help a men's cause. Lets see how those feminists love equality :P
  • VoltaicFire reply I hope these sexist bastards pay for their mistake with their store.
  • Turbo_Spice reply SugarTits'd help, and she won't have to pay such a high tax!
  • CYBERDEW41 reply I'd go in, as a woman, with a man, and insist on paying the 18% because I "identify as a man" and then cause a hissy fit when they "incorrectly identify" my boyfriend as male, insist he get priority seating. Just for shits and giggles.
  • Texastom reply I've heard 3 different scenarios in response to this, 1) don't patronise the place, 2) claim to identify as a female, 3) go there and be as sexist as possible (call the female staff "honey" "sweet heart"openly oogle them, etc. just to see their reaction.
  • MultiKillerjoe reply I think this is bs taxing men. Also men do not get shit handed to them they gotta work there ass off for anything is this word.
  • ej_cake reply Weird how social justice groups with an imaginary bone to chase start seeing a target everywhere :thinking emoji:
  • robobrad reply Oh i l like the vid me chat option. Could I open a caff where men get seat priority? No i can not. Let alone charge women more. Can Australian businesses make up there own laws? Like a business Wild West.
  • GanjaGamerKen reply Someone get me a plane ticket... I'll go there record it and say I'm not paying it. Shit I'll even dress up in a frilly dress.
  • rxantos reply What is a male come with a female? Would she get preferred seating while him waits?
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