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Astral Eyes - Black Flames Unleashed [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO]

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August 8 2017

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Astral Eyes will release an EP called Kiss from the Blade on Halloween of 2017. It contains both Darvulia and this song, Black Flames Unleashed, plus two other new songs. Darvulia will be the only video we'll make from this EP. However, Black Flames Unleashed has also been released as a single. If you like the song, please support the band and buy it from: iTunes - Google Play - Amazon - Astral Eyes Homepage - Roman wrote the music and Skitz wrote the lyrics. Skitz Blackheaven - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar Roman - Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Orchestrations Thanks to all the session musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area and Russia for everything else! Randy Burk of Stout Recording Studio in Alameda, California produced this song. Soul Devouring Beast, Black Flames Unleashed, Ascension from The Sigil Bloodlust yet untamed, Creature Unnamed, Flesh of Pure Evil Chorus: Reigning Ever High, The Calamity is real Burn Forever, The Blackest Flames of Hell Where dead men tell no tales, into the mouth of the beast. Heart Black as the Night, This realm’s in blight A World thrown in Chaos. Death Mist in the Air, Red eyes that stare Laughing at your prayers. (Chorus) “The Devil Whispered in my ear” “You’re not strong enough to withstand the storm” “Today I whispered in the Devil’s Ear,” “I am the storm!” (Skitz solos) (chorus x2) #astraleyes #romanticmetal #symphonicmetal #heavymetal #heavymetalmusic #music

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