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  • [ – ] 420brian reply Thanks Dr.mcmann
    • wearegods parent reply No problem bro ^_^ I release my stuff into the public domain if you'd like to share this video for your audience to help find some content or use my list to make your own. ^__^ The science/education sector of VIdme (I think) needs the help since Brainfood is oversaturated with other misc garbage.
  • [ – ] PsychExamReview reply Thanks for mentioning my channel, I'm looking forward to checking out the others you've mentioned!
    • [ – ] wearegods parent reply No problem, thanks for creating the content you produce. I've got to dig through more of your videos when I get the chance and binge watch. I figured this would be a good starter video on this subject since the Brainfood category is so flooded with non-educational content. Politics seems to have flooded it.
      • [ – ] PsychExamReview parent reply Yeah, I've noticed that for the brainfood category so thanks for making this video to help people find more educational content!
        • wearegods parent reply You're very welcome. I release my videos into the public domain FYI, so if you want to redistribute this video onto your channel to help your followers to find additional content, be my guest. :)
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