Vidme Immigration Office ASMR

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  • Lonecomplex reply Absolute GENIUS
  • JacobR reply You know you look like you'd make a mean steak on the grill. Have you ever thought of maybe a neighborhood barbeque roleplay? You could wear a "kiss the chef" apron too!
  • reverendsimonsideways reply It's my first time away from youtube and I plan to stay for as long as you let me
  • yGKeKe0 reply As soon as this started...the monotone, tired AF, disgruntled and jaded cubicle worker voice was right on. Can't tell if the congestion is real or just a nasally voice acting but still, good job.
  • [ – ] NebulaASMR reply nice vid! i'm *that* person who hasn't had their coffee yet lmao.seems like everyone took your pens and ran off.
  • callumz2016 reply Great little role play
  • [ – ] Onomatopoeia reply Tirar, this jaded, bored voice from the beginning really triggers me, and I get super relaxed, and I get that little twinge of pressure at my spine that I get instead of tingles so hard that i shook! I was a very powerful sensation! Please more! I was rotten robster (now literally trash) on YouTube, an avid fan and family man!
    • Onomatopoeia parent reply I meant especially the beginning, it kinda became less intensely jaded and bored as you started talking to your wife and the rude coworker, it got funny, but it turned more into a friendly helpful person rather then a disinterested (and really just going through the motions) office worker, which is honestly probably only so very delightful to me, but it's honestly the best voice you've done so far!
  • chiarakiara reply what happened since almost everyone is leaving the tube
  • SelerieSticks reply Tirar, you're the reason why I've moved to Vidme and I'm honestly loving it here! I hope they treat their creators at least a little better than the Tube of You does. Very happy I immigrated!
  • Revoladin reply Wow this was a really good idea for a video haha, working in an office environment myself I can totally get the anger at co workers 😉
  • IwantFOOD reply he comes up with the greatest scenarios
  • [ – ] Venomine reply Love your vids on here! If you start uploading more often on here I'll consider giving you your $2 dollars! :)
    • [ – ] TirarAdeguello parent reply I plan on uploading right now everytime my last video passes 1000 views. Thank you for commenting
      • [ – ] Majo_ASMR parent reply I really like this video, but making one for every 1000 views will be tough, you'll eventually have to raise that bar. Anyways, I wish you good luck on making more content like this!
        • [ – ] TirarAdeguello parent reply eventually when views increase, I'll raise it to 2-5000 per video, no worries. I do appreciate feedback on the matter, and we can work on what the majority of you prefer as we go on.
  • Hank_the_Amazing reply Oh, thank god. Someone I recognize! Woo!
  • Z3R0_C00L reply Great video, Tirar. I just got signed up here today. Glad to see so many ASMRtists making their way here. I'll try to find and follow as many others as I can to help vidme and the community out. Take care, friend.
  • ForestCatPeter reply So inventive and original, I love this!
  • Cyriu reply Seriously, the whole exchange at the phone was hilarious. You truly are a comedic genius.
  • PendingPatent reply Brilliant video. I cracked up with the arguments with the workmate.
  • mjc063 reply Great idea for a vid
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