White Nationalists - The Constitution Being Rewritten Over Snowflakes

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  • AKJames762 reply Fuck some pussy snowflakes feelings. I'm sick and god damn tired of hearing whiny "offended" bitches all the damn time. All this whining and pissing and moaning offends ME. Do I appreciate when blacks march through the street ranting and raving? No, but it's their constitutional right. Until theats like "kill whitey" and "pigs in a blanket fry em like bacon" start to fly or property starts being destroyed, then it's a crime. I read an article about this white nationalist deal this morning and I said to myself "that won't end well" lo and behold I should have put money on it.
  • [ – ] yourvagismysafespace reply I personally believe that only death guarantees there will be no further problems with your attacker. I would have gladly beaten him to death if not for the police intervention. Ironically, the police threw me a beating at a different location before processing me because of the damage I had inflicted so I'd " know how it felt". However there are states that side against the victim, so "reasonable use of force" required for self protection is no where near what "stand your ground" entails.
    • RURdy4It parent reply Wow. Not much else to say about that one. Having whatever experience it is you had - has obviously stayed with you. That is truly unfortunately. I am assuming you cannot own a firearm? Just curious not "lashing out". I grew up and lived most of my adult life in AZ - stand your ground was enacted eventually but everyone acts like lose gun laws - like open carry - is the wild wild west... call it whatever you want - you do not see too many getting slaughtered like you do in IL in AZ. MO just enacted Stand Your Ground too. I am a Marine vet and believe highly in training before you own a weapon and KNOW the laws in your state AND area before owning one as well. Which is basically what your argument lays. Just because someone is bipolar does not mean they are any different than the average person and have average responses to deadly situations. In fact, they are generally more intelligent than the average bear. If someone who has a mental health issue where they have proven to be a threat ...more- they are adjudicated. "THOUGHT POLICE" will DOMINATE... EVERY aspect of our lives - not just the 2nd amendment - if we allow it. You will not change my opinion :o)
  • [ – ] yourvagismysafespace reply Those who need to be chemically altered to function shouldn't be allowed to possess firearms. You named one good example of why, "social disorder", these people cannot handle reality, and can be unstable if either their medication isn't working properly or they have missed/stopped​ taking them. They are no more rational than a drug addict, whom are banned from owning guns. Gay marriage. It's the societal adaption of a laws based on religious beliefs, in direct violation of another of the religion's beliefs. All of which will become moot once their dream of a nonbinary socialist Utopia is fulfilled. Berkeley doesn't view itself as the birthplace of free speech, but rather where the standard is set. Once free speech backed their motives, now censorship does. If illegals should be given the right to break the law, as they claim it's too difficult to become a legal citizen, why stop at just their right to openly break the law as the process is too difficult? Why not have rapists right...mores as well? As there are some who find that it's too difficult to get laid, shouldn't they be able to circumvent legalities to achieve their desired result as well? Once whites become the minority, the entire American way of life as we know it will no longer exist. Without whites to set the standard & protect minorities from the masses, whichever group has the majority will rule thru utter domination. If it's those who's lineage began below our border, it will be a non-stop slide to the level their homeland would be today if it didn't have western civilization propping it up. If the muslims seize control, woman's & homo's rights will be nothing more than the punchline to jokes told around goat gangbangs. When afrocoon-americans marched for "their civil rights"(ironically once those were bestowed upon them, the began to become uncivil), & those who didn't agree with their assemblies attacked with the assistance from the local law enforcement, the government sent in troops to ensure that they could protest without being attacked. The question posed is why the government (that is apparently white supremacist according to those against white assemblies) hasn't stepped in to assure their right to hold a peaceful demonstration?
    • [ – ] RURdy4It parent reply Protection. Self defense. End of story.
      • [ – ] yourvagismysafespace parent reply Some states consider self-defense as using the (absolute) minimum amount of force required to escape your attacker. Anything more makes you a co-combatant. ....& that's how I received my first adult (@18) charge of atrocious assault.
        • [ – ] RURdy4It parent reply And? If a rapist with a knife breaks into a home and attacks / assaults and attempts to rape - possibly murder afterwards - someone who has been diagnosed with something... what type of minimum force do you think would be appropriate for that situation? In your world, that person would be done. I do not accept that and I do not accept your thought process. If you disagree... we will never agree.
          • [ – ] yourvagismysafespace parent reply I had posted a comment that has yet to appear.
            • [ – ] RURdy4It parent reply I got a notice for it but it is just taking me to your old thread... shit better not be getting censored here or I'll be PISSED.
              • RURdy4It parent reply Um... I got notified again and don't see anything from you... not cool. I wonder what's up because everyone else seems to be commenting fine
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