Reaction to the Anti-Sharia Protests

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  • [ – ] Politics_N_Games reply Any muslim (or even SJW) that wants to leave the West, should be offered $10,000 and a plane ticket to give up their citizenship.
    • Liberty_Surveillance parent reply I say airfare and a parachute. Landing should cost extra.
    • [ – ] Xexor parent reply I think we should only offer a plane ticket. Except for cases where you move for a job, when does anyone ever pay you to move? You have to pay for all expenses yourself. I think airfare is more than generous, especially when they say where they would rather live. But realistically all of these people (the pro-Sharia people and the "move-to-Canada-if-Trump-wins" folks) don't actually want to leave. They say it for the same reason some people virtue signal: the applause of the like-minded. Some far-leftists say it for social or political capital (or at least to avoid being ostracized); pro-Sharia Islamists say it because it aligns with their core values system and faith. This is one of the most ridiculous aspects of all human behavior: complain about how things are, but then don't actually follow a realistic solution to solve the supposed problem. In this case, if you actually want to move, just do it and stop whining about being here.
      • [ – ] Politics_N_Games parent reply We want them to give up their citizenship. They wouldn't do that for just a plane ticket.
        • Xexor parent reply True. Mebbe we just air-drop them over Iraq and see how they manage. ;~P (Not really, ofc; I don't actually want people to die.)
    • wolfalexzemla parent reply I think we should just give them the boot. cargo ship to Bosphorus straight. one way tickets family goes too.
    • [ – ] NawazArshad parent reply They probably might do if they feel that they won't be the next victims of Western Terrorism and their country invaded and millions killed under the disguise of lies and deceit. One example is of Iraq where millions of Iraqis were killed by American Terrorism based on a lie! Since most of the populations in the West are brainwashed to a point of no return! I'm sure people who value their lives understand West doesn't bomb it's own country!
  • [ – ] JadeJicama reply 'I'd rather live in Somalia!'... "Okay, go there, then. What's stopping you?"
    • [ – ] Directionally_Challenged parent reply Yeah I have to admit, I don't really understand the logic there... A few of them were from Somalia, and would rather live there, but they came here and it's like... but then why?
      • [ – ] avanlmaas parent reply It's the parents that moved to the USA. The kids don't know any better. "The grass is greener on the other side of the picket fence", as the old saying goes.
      • JadeJicama parent reply Don;t understand their logic? Or my logic? My logic is more, "I've got the option of Burger King or McDonald's, but I end up at Burger King, but I really wanted McDonald's..." Theoretically, I have a car, or feet, or some manner of transportation, why did I settle for Burger King?
  • blazedu reply that statement was disgusting. They are using the victims to spread their ideology. Absolutely abhorring.
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply That last clip for RT showed it all. Mass immigration doesn't work, that many people brought over who don't believe in the ideologies of the country they're trying to live in, will create nothing but problems. The clash in cultures will split society not heel the wounds created
  • freaky17GF reply bastard left wing bastards
  • [ – ] blazedu reply these protests made me think about the gay rights protests some years ago. Where's the LGBT protests against islam, which would kill them with gusto and without regret, thinking they are ridding the world of the sinner filth. Where's the outrage when gays are being thrown out of buildings in the middle east? But then again, where's the women's protests against the subhuman treatment of muslim women under sharia law? This is so illogical.
    • [ – ] Xexor parent reply This is one of the greatest flaws of the neo-Marxism we call "third-wave feminism". It's cannibalistic in nature; if you're not at the very top of the "oppressed peoples" list, there's always someone else whose rights will trump your own. A black women will be "more oppressed" than a white woman, a gay Hispanic man will be more oppressed than a gay straight man but not as much as a gay Hispanic woman. And apparently Muslims are at the top of the oppression ladder. The whole idea is disgusting: since when did *any* human outvalue another? I'm a white hetero cisgender male, but I was always disgusted by the idea of American slavery, how American Indians were treated, etc. But now we're down the same road, but with different rules. Why the hell do Muslims outrank "infidel" blacks, let alone gays? Why can't we all just be seen as equals?
      • [ – ] blazedu parent reply the simple truth is they want stuff because the ancestors that share a trait with them were oppressed decades ago. I can safely say that right now, women have all the power they want in the workplace, in a regular straight relationship where the couple have a child/children or even in any relationship nowadays. The law favors women and applies a guilty until proven innocent approach to cases of sexual harassment, rape alleged by the girl and in the case of a custody battle for the kids, the women is absurdly favored. And now we're seeing this kind of power and privilege being applied to trans, blacks, muslims, basically everyone that's not white, because they can allege hate speech, racism, transphobia and that made up word, islamophobia, making any response at all criminalized. The fucking mayor of london says he doesn't have the budget to monitor 200 people who are potential terrorists but he has the budget to create an hate speech monitoring platform to protect the fi-fis of the fem...moreinists and overall police the internet. un-fucking-believable.
        • Xexor parent reply I actually think they use the oppression of the past as an excuse. Like you say, for example, power has shifted and there really *is* no systemic oppression. There will always be racist a-holes, and there will always be unequal outcomes. But that's life, not oppression. They have been indoctrinated to believe there is a class struggle, like Marxism originally claimed. But in addition to the proletariat vs. the bourgeoisie, it's this race vs. that race, this gender vs. that gender. This toxic ideology will consume everyone if it's not stopped. Unfortunately, it will take 15-20 years to re-indoctrinate people back to a non-Marxist way of thinking ( Notice how the ex-KGB guy specifically describes "social justice" as the indoctrination.
  • [ – ] TiberiusDuraga reply Civil Rights Activits... Funded by the Muslim Brotherhood, I'm guessing.
  • DatWhiteguyJ reply US citizen: I would rather live in Somalia Somalian: Yes I would love to go to America. If these people want to leave, let them, help them. But make it a hell of a lot harder to come back. So they can see just how good they got it here.
  • wolfalexzemla reply They are not civil rights activists they are special rights activists
  • randalusa reply Say one thing that could be twisted to sound racist. Get branded by lib media professional liars. Beat Trump supporters in the streets. Quiet approval.
  • Kizzume reply ACT is a dominionist movement. The person who started it even worked with Pat Robertson for a while.
  • BruceShepard1970 reply They're liberals. That's why they are mentally deranged.
  • Feral_Human reply If Islam were the "Religion of peace", extremist Muslims would be "extremely peaceful." Islam is cancer & feminists who support Islam must remove clitoris in solidarity. It's time to fight back or die.
  • TheChambersofMyHeart reply Wow, this is what it has come down to.
  • winstonsmith1914 reply Its not about civil rights. Its about white v non white. Its all about race.
  • JarlOfSwot reply CBS went crazy editing this guy out of their narrative against the protests yesterday.
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