Ghosts N' Goblins: RAGE REEL - #1 - Retro Millennia

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  • [ – ] AGAaron reply Dude, get a wired controller, the game should actually be quite responsive. Just remember all your jumps are based off their initial momentum and will therefore go about the same distance out. Use that momentum to more easily defeat Firebrand by jumping away and shooting in the opposite toward him. This game also tests your ability to hold ground, for instance against those ogres you're stuck on. Try neutral jumping over their horizontal purple projectiles & don't let up on the fire so they can't advance or shoot more. Hope you make it further, you're only at the tip of the iceberg as far as pranks this game throws at you. I love it though.
    • [ – ] RetroMillennia parent reply I do have a wired actually! It's the one that came with the NES Mini, but the Niko Wireless is JUST as responsive as the wired. When I said "lag" I meant it in ending frame terms. There are certain frames where he can't move due to ending frames of his moves. But Yeah! I had a blast playing it, I'm gonna do another episode soon seeing as it got a decent response on out YT channel. Thanks for watching man! I've heard the horror stories of the ending. lol
      • [ – ] AGAaron parent reply I should give that controller a try before judging. Good luck, glad you like it. Much respect for making it as far as you have & still appreciating this unforgiving game!
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