The Drama Affects Us All

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  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply It definitely does kill your motivation with all the stuff that's been going on lately and perhaps even the fact that so many videos had to be made pointing it out. Believe me even the people making the 'drama' videos would rather be making other stuff but a lot of them feel unwanted at the moment. Best case scenario is that the Vidme team addresses (and fixes) the problems in a way that pleases most people so that Trending can go back to being filled with different content.
  • JennyFedora reply Most likely it is a slump. Sometimes you have to ignore the front page. If you like doing the Let's Plays and interacting in the comments on your videos, that can be good enough. Drama or negativity can come from many placed. Here, Work, Personal Life. These can all impact our ability to create. Do not let an external factor like the mood of vidme this weekend influence your ability to create. I'm sure there are people on YouTube, Gab, Facebook, and more that have no real knowledge of what is going on here and want to see more of your normal stuff. It is OK to say, "hey, I'm not recording right now because my motivation is low for whatever reason." We have the same issues ourselves at times. Basically, you're not alone on how you feel. Anyone creative goes through it at times.
  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply Hey, don't let drama get you down, down the drama bro!
  • [ – ] Tentacle reply Sadly people have been pointing this out for sometime in the community. Yet it falls on deaf ears with VidMe or people remain silent while agreeing in private. It's good that you spoke out.
    • BaronMan parent reply I wasn't going to but I know I can't be the only one feeling this way. I really like the community here and I never wanted to do a talk about Vidme video but here I am.
  • Bobtoronto reply Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Funny, I don't even know what H3H3 is. I see it on the sidebar and I honestly just don't even feel motivated to click on it for fear of getting caught up in it. Ignorance is bliss and also, I really don't want to propagate any drama on my channel just because so far I've had nothing but a positive experience posting on vidme and that's been such a joy after my aaawful time on YouTube.
  • Naturenerd1000 reply Youtube is big enough where you can just ignore drama most of the time, but vidme is in it's early stages and it's like a delicate flame. So drama is affecting us all right now. But I think these algorithm issues will be fixed eventually.
  • Kentantino reply bro keep doing video and keep pushing forward dude dont let nobody or nothing stop you.
  • lambdog76 reply If you are doing this for fun then do it for fun. The front page has been a shit fest this weekend spurred along by both well intentioned and ill intentioned people alike. I recomend you not judge the culmination of your experience over several weeks from a few days, that would be a bit ignorant if you ask me. You have made videos you are proud of, that is excellent! A true Creator could not ask for more. That your audience has not found the product and provided you the accolades in the time you thought fitting is on you. That other subjects seem to be getting attention should not matter to you, that is not your audience, it is the audience for the reality TV drama; and trust, that is a popular genre. For many of us, video creation is our part time hobby, we have work for stressing us out, no need to seek it with our spare time. I hate to see anyone messed up by bs. But bs is all that this is. Do your thing, and give your audience a good alternative to the bs, unless this is too...more much, and that is ok too.
  • Westley_Nash reply Try not to dwell too heavily upon these things my friend. I can relate obviously, the drama kind of takes over & we feel as though our channel can't compete. But it can, because drama comes & goes but our content remains constant. Our channels are like gardens, we plant the seeds & have to tend & nurture it over time to bring it to bloom. We keep going, we keep creating & focus all of our energy on driving our channel forward, for ourselves. Hang in there sir, you are doing great work, don't doubt it 👍😎
  • LunaSerenity reply Continue to do what you love. I ignored the dramas for a long time and like you today broke a little and was like wtf is going on. I don't think we will get an answer to be honest but the whole thing is shady. :/
  • [ – ] InternetUnwind reply I have heard a few people point out that the minecraft video thing was done to make a point to Vidme staff about the issue they had been ignoring. The same goes for the h3h3 issue, most people are doing it to make vidme and h3h3 aware so they can take action. So hopefully these will pass if vidme will handle the issues and things will become a little more normal. I feel where you are coming from though. I have been making content on YT for almost 4 years now, and the only reason I make stuff is because I enjoy it and I never get views unless I use the pay to promote function. I can be a downer for sure, but it usually will pass if you take a short reprieve for a few days. might even come up with some fresh ideas in that time.
  • [ – ] SpeedyGaming reply I agree, the bullshit that has occurred has not helped the small content creators at all. But hopefully all of this blows over and we get back to the real and original content that others create. We don't need no damn YouTube drama that was already prevalent there. ;)
  • [ – ] Y2JayDoesAsia reply I feel the same as you dude. I recorded a vid about this today and will upload it soon.
  • VeryDeplorable reply Dude we all get discouraged some times. Just step back and take a deep br4eath and solder on!
  • BREAKFREE reply still waiting for one of these fanboys to explain why the hell h3h3 is soooo important. Maybe it's just me, no f*cks given.
  • Roamancing reply Interesting. I've been avoiding the drama and focusing on connecting with positive people, but I did notice my video views were down this weekend too. Hoping the drama disappears or reduces as it takes away from the space.
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply Hey @BaronMan, motivation is fleeting. I'm not surprised you're feeling down. Sometimes you need to seek INSPIRATION elsewhere and incorporate that into your work. Do what makes you happy and brings you joy! Keep your chin up!
  • Wendiz reply Jesus!!! Do you use Google or sub to h3h3? It's very easy to figure out.. I know the answer but if I tell you, learn nothing!! That is the difference between vidme and YouTube creators.. Research!!!!
  • MajorLag reply Just adapt , Don't dwell on this much man it's okay.
  • becomebusy reply please visit my channel hope you love it.
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