SCOTUS Deals Blow To 2nd Amendment In Peruta v. California

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  • Avery_1-7 reply Yes, I care. At least we found that NeilG is the conservative Justice we thought he would be. I too do not understand the S-Court not taking up this case either - 9th Circuit has a despicable track record, yes? At least they supported (for the moment) Trump's immigration stay and the determination on Religious freedom involving the CO Masterpiece Cake Shop case - that is encouraging, yes?
  • WilliamTheGreat reply This is not a states right issue. Can a state take away freedom of speech / religion / right to a fair and speedy trial... SCOTUS justices need to pull their heads from their asses and do their jobs according to the US Constitution and stop these state games.
  • wolfalexzemla reply Hope we get more good scotus
  • Avery_1-7 reply Good stuff, keep up the good work. Thanks.
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