Super Rainbow Glitter Force and The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 Fan Made Opening Intro

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  • heerogonkenobi reply awesome fan made super magic rainbow glitter force/doki doki pretty cure and the adventures of super mario bros/super mario bros 3 mix rom hack mash up video you made which i agree with you that its time for saban brands to move on to the next precure series just like how saban brands own original mighty morphin power rangers series move on to different power ranger series over the years i.e alien rangers,power rangers zeo,power rangers racers,power rangers in space etc lol but i digress ^_^ loved it ^_^ thanks for sharing it with me buddy ^_^
  • CartoonKid2014 reply This is such an awesome, put together Fox Kids video, buddy! I love how you used your custom wallpaper as well. Your Fox Kids videos keep getting better.
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