All Terrain Recon Transport Tech Spec (Star Wars Lore)

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  • [ – ] NickOfTime reply I think, while not being as big and intimidating as the AT-ST, their speed advantage made them a force to be reckoned with but when you're switching your PR strategy to fear, you need bigger and badder lol
    • LoreReloaded parent reply Indeed.. Funny anectdote that didn't get added because I am an idiot.. The at-rt was animated on purpose to walk oddly because the at-st did (due to technology constraints). I agree though with the premise.. The empire became all about fear..more than efficiency or practicality
  • [ – ] AstroLizard reply Informational and entertaining. Good job on this, LR!
    • LoreReloaded parent reply Thanks! I try hard on these and they take far longer than you think. You should check out the Venator video if you liked this one.
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