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  • SizeMatters reply Also, @Leks-Play We need serious help, but we can only pay you with this handful of loonies and toonies that we have left over from the last time we were in Canada. They have the Queen's face on them, so I'm sure you'll be fine.
  • SizeMatters reply @Leks-Play U WOT M8?????
  • Leks-Play reply @SizeMatters I'm available for advanced classes. I only accept shillings and hay-penny's tho.
  • SizeMatters reply Hahaha! @Leks-Play Wut?!
  • Leks-Play reply Oi m80's. Woz that voice meant to be funny, U cheeky sorts? Was U takin tha Micky? I swear on me mum... I'd be goin ham if u's weren't such nice birds. Fukin drop me out. U wanna learn mockney then giz a tinkle yea?
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