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  • [ – ] AntiSocialStone reply You always take the words right out of my mouth. If she believes someone is a problem, then why would she give them ways to help her? Especially since, right before suggesting things that person can do to be helpful, she affirmed that that person is causing the very issues that she is explaining how to help with. And obviously if you help someone, you're not a problem because you're making something easier or better for them. But why in the world would you explain to someone how to do something that would make them not be a problem... while telling them they are that same problem and cannot change that. It makes no sense within the realm of logic, and it's making my head hurt trying to compute it. Not to mention her ignorant, blatant racism, total lack of decency and respect for other human beings, oblivion to those struggling with self-esteem issues, ridiculous levels of hypocrisy, an extremely arrogant sense of entitlement, and the delusional belief that anyone with a dark skin tone ...moreautomatically deserves respect. That's not how it works outside of Tumblr. This girl is so focused on declaring whites to be the enemy that she is actually creating levels of division that America has not seen in decades. I've lived in America all my life, and things were starting to get really good between blacks and whites over here. But thanks to people like this, we're going backwards. AND let's not forget the fact that this girl doesn't know all black people, yet claims that they're all oppressed, which any community would hate. I've seen many black people denouncing the victim mentality and making an effort to go out, work hard, and succeed in life. So if you claim everyone with your skin tone is oppressed, you're projecting your own victimhood onto them, and you're being racist against them at the same time as whites because you're associating a bad thing, being oppressed, with black people as a whole. But I'm glad you (Peach) are exposing this scum. By the way, fantastic stream last night! I watched it all the way through. You timed that video reaction segment perfectly, and you're great at getting along with people on the other side. That's certainly something I need to work on :)
    • [ – ] PeachBalie parent reply Oh, thank you very kindly, friend. :D Yeah I almost don't know what I'm getting myself into though, Wooly Bumblebee wants to stream now. -_- Yikes!
      • AntiSocialStone parent reply Good luck dealing with that. By the way sorry for the long comment. I'm just as fed up as you are with these issues and there's so much going on in my head
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