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  • [ – ] betadynamique reply Every time I post on 4chan, it says the system thinks I'm spam. I don't understand why, I thought getting dubs was the whole point. So I don't go on the 4chan anymore.
  • [ – ] LoveLiberty reply Japan has the most bizarre cartoon magazines and apparently has a low level of sexual crime. In Britain simply LOOKING AT an image is illegal. Britain has child rape gangs and it is illegal to have drawings of child porn.
    • Forestal parent reply Online porn traffic is highest in Mormon areas for USA, and in the Middle East for the world....
    • [ – ] IrvingTwin parent reply Disturbing correlations...
      • Forestal parent reply There's was a small study which showed more regular porn users as having more realistic expectations for sex/relationships-- it's almost as if they knew the difference between fantasy vs fact...
  • [ – ] Nicodemous52 reply I don't really have a dog in this fight pe se. I stand against pedophilia, but I also question societies subjective line of what is an adult and what is a child. I also don't know how I feel about child porn portrayed in art. Can it wake up the pedo in someone that would otherwise never know if if never exposed to it? I don't know. Would that make difference in the discussion? I don't know. I'm loosely fowling this growing battle on Minds though, because while I don't have a dog in the fight, the fight will suck us all in eventually and there will be consequences for all.
    • [ – ] IrvingTwin parent reply I think if there were no loli-hentai images there would still be pedophiles. Censorship doesn't solve problems.
      • Nicodemous52 parent reply That's true and fair, I'm just not sure exactly where I fall on it. I suppose I'd like to see some studies to see how that all works with the hedonism treadmill and all that.
  • [ – ] Vidmefan101Z reply That was a really tough video to make , I think you are correct but what a subtle psychological minefield.
  • [ – ] BigScaryBaldGuy1212 reply Well said. Censorship of any kind is a slippery slope.
    • IrvingTwin parent reply Much appreciated; and to those who would suggest a 'slippery slope' is some kind of fallacy: Let us all take the group Heart Progress as an example that some mother fuckers are always trying to grease the hill (censors not excluded).
  • iamli3 reply >you meant to trick me THE MISSING PART 2 HAD MY FUCKING PISSED AND SEARCHING I COULDN'T BELIEVE I COULDN'T SEE IT BETWEEN PART 1 AND 3 XD ..... wow brony thanks for standing up for free speech in this way , very few people i've seen have the integrity to say the things you're saying despite how uncomfortable with the topic you clearly explained to us you are....
  • IrvingTwin reply Where to find me: Https://
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