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  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply That's pretty cool hopefully you do learn to play the piano/keyboard. This was nice! Most cats are allergic to plastic if by chance he starts to lose her by the mouth just switch bowls to stainless steel. (that's what happened to my cat)
  • dalestark05 reply very nice place
  • USUandS reply It looks nice and cozy! Extremely happy you're settled in and things are on the go. It's crazy how much can change it a matter of a few months, but it's a great change kind of ushering yourself into a new life. Great vlog jess 😊
  • ExcalibursZone reply What a nice surprise! Thanks for the shoutout :) That's a nice apartment you have there. And yes, it is pretty expensive to live in Colorado due to housing and rent. If I recall, when I lived there in 1998, my rent was already up to $700 a month for the apartment I was in. It was a nice place, but I couldn't afford that for too long and ended up moving to the Boston area after a year or so. It's still pretty awesome to live in a place where you're not under any pressure to do the dishes right away. :) Have a great one, get some rest, and thanks again for the shoutout! :)
  • JustABloke reply Best thing ever, a place you can call your own :-)
  • KinTailFox reply It's a beautiful play Jess. Hopefully your kitty is okay :3 This was a lovely distraction from work for a bit. Thank you 💙
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