The Over Saturation Of Content

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  • [ – ] Azurenightsky reply TL;DW People are mad because with innovation means you have to put in effort, not necessarily more effort, but different kinds of effort, to stay ahead of the game. The solution to this is of course, to keep on innovating and never rest on your laurels. You can't keep lightning in a bottle, but you damn well can keep running around chasing it.
    • [ – ] Eric_The_Kek parent reply That is pretty much my sentiment, It was what I was trying to get across in the video.
      • [ – ] Azurenightsky parent reply I just wanted to make sure I wasn't overreaching and that was what you were trying to get across. Innovation is always going to happen, that's why certain philosophers tell you to become like water. It isn't because you need to let go and flow all the time, it's because being like water enables you to adapt, to change, to grow, based on your surroundings. If you allow yourself to become rigid and stony, you find yourself missing opportunities. I wish there was a response video option, because I like the basic idea you've presented and I'd like to run with it, expand on it a little.
        • [ – ] Eric_The_Kek parent reply If you wanted we could do a video together discussing it, or I would be more than happy to promote a video of you discussing this issue. I love philosophy and discussing philosophical topics is a passion of mine.
          • [ – ] Azurenightsky parent reply We can put it on a todo list, I'd be up for it now but I woke up with the sniffles. Hard to have a proper conversation when I'm sniffling every few seconds. I hear you on the discussion side of things though, it's always nice to see where it leads. Even if it ultimately leads nowhere, the journey is the whole point.
            • [ – ] Eric_The_Kek parent reply I am always up for a discussion even if I disagree, ultimately it is for someone watching not me personally, even if I gain nothing from a discussion someone viewing it might. Just reach out to me when/if you want to collaborate on something, I always answer comments and messages.
              • [ – ] Azurenightsky parent reply Yeah, a lot of people overlook that part. You don't debate to change the opinion of your opponent. You debate to argue your side to an audience. Though of course, in a discussion it's a whole different manner, both parties are coming together to discuss a topic, which can alter how either party views the topic in question. I'll see if I can't write up a basic script to throw up as an expansion on the basic idea, but I'm definitely game to do an open discussion on it.
                • [ – ] Eric_The_Kek parent reply Excellent I look forward to that. There have been several times someone has changed my mind on something. I am pretty open minded provided the argument is founded on reason on logic, chances are you can change my opinion on something. If our discussion leads to a positive reception maybe we could turn it into a regular occurrence such as a podcast or video series, just throwing out some ideas.
                  • [ – ] Azurenightsky parent reply If we end up having good rapport, I don't see a reason not to make it into a regular thing, shooting the shit, lots of people enjoy that kind of video int he background while they do w/e they do.
                    • [ – ] Eric_The_Kek parent reply Those are my favorite videos to watch. I prefer to watch videos that make me think than videos that are mindless and void of content.
                      • [ – ] Azurenightsky parent reply Here's hoping this cold fucks off, I've got a few video ideas including this one that I'd love to pump out, you can give it a look see and decide from there if you'd like to do a live discussion on things, I'll hit you up when it gets posted.
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