Thoughts on Alex Jones as a "Performance Artist"

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  • [ – ] SkogComplex reply as if anyone else in media isn't a performance artist. Salon et al are just jealous because he's better and more authentic than them.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Lol... it was a defense in court and people are trying to discredit him based on this? You have to take alex with a grain of salt and skepticism; but that goes foR EVERY PERSONALITY. You should always take it in, then form your own opinion. He definitely feat mongers and cheerleads trump but still very entertaining. Plus if youve been watching/listening for years like i have, you learn to discard all his acting and see the underlying core issues. You have to admit he's redpilled millions upon millions about globalism... they're just trying to use him as reason to discredit anyone who questions msm and the prepackaged narrative for world events.
  • Dryde reply You should be a regular listener. Bare minimum one hour a day from the infowars nightly news.
  • MidrangeKEK reply I've been watching Jones for over 15 years, he has clearly adopted a style that works for him. He was like Jeb, now he is high energy. You watch any of his old videoes and you can clearly see how almost monotone he was. The guy even admits to loving being meme'd.
  • Yuung_Maan reply The series? If so, no... I haven't.
  • LVXMedia reply I remember hearing about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama meeting at the Bilderberg conference and Hillary conceded the next day. Pretty damn sure AJ scooped that in 2008. Been a fan ever since. You have to sift through the crazy rants, and even those are pretty right on. Ask google how they feel about AJ. kek.
  • StolenMoment reply "Now that I have your attention......"
  • Dryde reply Lol a performance artist, I guess every single human is a performance artist then.
  • [ – ] Yuung_Maan reply I can't lie. I'm a big Infowars fan. I like several of the people in the crew, especially David Knight and Dr. Group. I didn't pay much attention to current events in the world until about a year ago. I'm not a History expert. I'm not familiar with the law. I haven't taken a Gov't class in 15 years. So, starting from scratch... I really appreciate Jones and his Wild West personality. Lastly, he led me here. I've been researching information everywhere of late. IMO Styx is the GOAT. Nobody breaks down and explains material in a more absorbable manner... NOBODY
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