MegaChris This film is incredible! :o
    Yoda Chills all over my body!
    FlappySwallow So...Am I the only one who doesn't get why this was so viral?
    CoolStoryBro DON'T. GET. IT.
    CarGuy Feels
    SignNDrive Cute
    kikuzo I'm already waiting for the Second Kiss movie :]
    DragonBoy Please don't tell me this director is now considered to be "Acclaimed"
    charlie Wonder how people who weren't models would do in this experiment?
    truth111 Boobs here
    Weldom-Zam awesome first kiss :)
    letswatchporn That's very strange..
    new_age This way has no heart... (( I tried so many times
    new_age This way has no heart... I've tried so many times ((( but I can give away my heart to one person only.
    stevef35a EyeOpening!
    jamesan nicely done!
    aljokar From
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