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    MegaChris This film is incredible! :o
      WrongTurn Hey I just met you and this is crazy...
    Yoda Chills all over my body!
    FlappySwallow So...Am I the only one who doesn't get why this was so viral?
    CoolStoryBro DON'T. GET. IT.
    CarGuy Feels
    SignNDrive Cute
    kikuzo I'm already waiting for the Second Kiss movie :]
      Talan Have you seen FIRST TOUCH?
    DragonBoy Please don't tell me this director is now considered to be "Acclaimed"
    charlie Wonder how people who weren't models would do in this experiment?
    truth111 Boobs here
    Weldom-Zam awesome first kiss :)
    letswatchporn That's very strange..
    new_age This way has no heart... (( I tried so many times
    new_age This way has no heart... I've tried so many times ((( but I can give away my heart to one person only.
    stevef35a EyeOpening!
    jamesan nicely done!
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