Full Stream - June 27th, 2017 (Spintires)

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  • [ – ] Lets_Play_Old_Games reply I just bought this game a couple of days ago in the steam summer sale. Although I have never played these simulator type of games, something about this game was very appealing. Haven't started playing yet. Any tips for someone just starting to play Spintires ?
    • MRPaden parent reply Nah for real. The game is FRUSTRATING as hell. But it can definitely have fun moments. I'd highly recommend playing with friends. Get yourself really familiar with the controls (good advice for any sim games if you've never played one before). Learn yourself the gear shifting and how it all effects your driving, as you'll be using it a lot. Low gears + 4WD is what you'll spend most of your time doing to get out of mud. But turn off the 4WD when on reg roads to save gas, as you can and WILL run out of gas at some point.
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