Bob Blogs - Today I saw the Cardiologist.

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  • [ – ] iJimUK reply Yes the news isn't the best in the world but, its better than you were expecting. Im sure if it is what ends up happening, getting that mesh thing in your heart will be easy, well maybe not for you but for the surgeons they do this all the time. And NO, you are not getting an endoscope, Im sure you would be violating the terms of service somewhere with the places you intend to stick it. Just happy your ok.. ish, well you know what I mean
    • Bobtoronto parent reply Thanks Jim. I will keep you posted...
    • Bobtoronto parent reply Endoscope. Good. Now I know what it's called. Thanks Jim. I'm going to go out today and see if they have that at Walmart or Canadian Tire or someplace like that. Then by this evening maybe I'll have a terrific video to upload featuring the inside of Bob's, well, I won't spoil the surprise :)
  • [ – ] SlayerDoesThings reply i love your style of video making!
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