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  • Boodang reply The most pathetic bottom feeding bullshit plea for praise, approval, sympathy through the most covert means possible. This is a pathetic means of controlling others. He is a slave to his own game of crap. We aren't, thank God. Suit, where do you find these creeps? You do make me laugh, man. Excellent.
  • Sock_Puppet reply I've missed the coppercab, his exchanges with Gavin are hilarious
  • AceAcer2 reply So that moron thinks Trudeau would make a good US President ... i guess he haven't noticed how Trudeau is destroying my beloved country that is Canada. When i were young i was proud to be a Canadian - now i'm extremely embarrassed to "admit" Canada is my country. At least he isn't Hilary Clinton :P The good thing is we only have 1 year and a half before the next elections and from what i'm hearing and seeing so far Trudeau won't be elected a second time - we made the mistake once and you can bet we surely learned something from this mistake and we will not repeat it a second time. He wants to come to Canada? We might gave Trudeau but it's not because we have a retarded feminist running the country that we will let other retarded feminists enter the country. We have standards :P I don't know if he realized it yet but he is just another low-cow to make fun of and it's not because he is a ginger, it's because he is just an idiot lol
  • Edgewood reply ...I'm not truly religious...but...Lord. That seems a bit crazy to me-and I mean /crazy/.
  • Paddles000 reply Try hard troll. He's making a living off of being a troll, just like Britney Venti did. Let's not give this guy any more publicity.
  • GAConyers reply Egads. I had forgotten about that idiot. I'm surprised he hasn't had a heart attack from all his freakin' out about everything and nothing yet.
  • Jameo reply Ah the annoying orange...I mean coppercab has return, more reatarded than ever. Chucking tantrums like a three year old.
  • MultiKillerjoe reply You do know coppercab is just a big troll he does it to get views he probably is just faking saying he's a woman just to get you to watch his videos but in all his just a troll
  • SamanthaWilson reply omg he is back? Kill it, kill it with fire lol
  • amyscoolbeans reply Coppercunt sounds like a goddamn troll
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