Tommy Robinson has an idea on how to expose the Muslim grooming gangs. Periscope 26th April 2017

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  • Heurist reply Great idea! Be sure to buy a used truck, because they will try to stop you. Make sure you are not alone in the vehicle!!! Good luck!
  • Johnny_Quagmire reply good idea mate....
  • PanBernau reply most briliant ideas are a bit crazy, so yes... if its legal, do it. be happy to help you buy that "truck of shame" :)
  • Geoffthemeff reply I'm a Truck driver if you need one mate.
  • lewren reply I DAMN FUCKING LOVE YOUR IDEA! FUCK YEAH! Bless you :) Crowd fund that shit!
  • Seanl reply Buy a second hand tank and paint the union flag on it. Pull the billboard behind the tank.
  • wolfalexzemla reply keep exposing them Tommy. thanks
  • DeplorableOldFart reply I'm not at all sure trying to shame these animals will work, nor on their families and community?
  • mdavisx3 reply Tommy, there are many towns here in the USA that need someone like you who is fearless and ready to take on the sickness....
  • CulturalExile reply LOL! Sounds perfect, mate. But what about the practicalities? You know better than most that the establishment will have the police stopping the lorry and nicking you before you're barely started. That's if they don't let the Muzzies get to you first.
  • Bob_Just-Bob reply Sounds good, but i don't know how legal it is, people need your voice mr. Robinson.
  • topjolly reply It would catch all the cinema goers too
  • topjolly reply Town ground best possible exposure 😀
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