Why 4K Is Useless For A Lot of Content Creators

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  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply I think the whole resolution race is ridiculous. People should start thinking whether it would actually make the movies/games/etc. better or not.
    • Hayatori parent reply I agree, too many people are more worried about resolution and graphics more than what the content itself is about. Watching someone like me sitting or standing talking about something should not require 4K lol. I don't really even think that 1080p or even 720p should be necessary but a lot of people nowadays won't watch unless it's 1080p or higher. 1080p is standard for now but soon 4K and then 8K will be standard. For some types of content, I can understand it but I have had people ask me on my old YouTube channel to film in 4K but and I did with one video and a lot of people that watch me had trouble with it buffering and loading so I went back to 1080p and like I said, why do you need to watch someone stand or sit on their ass talking about something in 4K? Lol
  • Wulfe reply Yeah for now it sucks because no one even has monitors yet lol nor do our screens on our phone!
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