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  • AceAcer2 reply Am i the only one seeing the striking similarities between Sweden's rape stats and cause with Germany's rape stats and cause? Both countries seen a dramatic increased in crimes specially rapes of women and children since the migrant flooded those countries a few years ago. The problem isn't only the refugees however, it's the governments of both countries who are letting this happens in the name of "diversity" and "tolerance". Those aren't willing to protect their citizens from outside menaces and that's the real problem at the root of the rape epidemic those 2 countries are facing. Unfortunately they aren't the only 2 countries doing it and facing the consequences. I said it often, as long as our leaders will continue to ignore muslims crimes those things will happen over and over again. It would be intereting to see feminists try their "teach boys not to rape" to those muslims - something tells me it would not work :P
  • Edgewood reply Yeah, that's why I tend to be cautious. It does seem a bit off, and yet...can't be sure. I'd have to think on it for awhile, if I can find a proper opportunity to sit back and think. True or not, it's saddening that they're allowing it to get this bad in the name of 'diversity', just to try and prove a point.
  • Muddywaters reply This is a increasingly serious issue in all of the EU from what I can tell. Some seem to hide their stats in various ways to limit the details, the UK is an example of this if what Tommy Robinson says has any merit and frankly I would believe him over the official sources given friends in that troubled land have indicated he is telling it like it is.
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