Alternate History: What If WWI Ended In Stalemate?

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  • yourvagismysafespace reply Quite the head scratcher. Without the demoralization & bankruptcy Germany suffered under the treaty of Versailles, the goal of revenge wouldn't have existed. Germany would have been able to unite the Germanic peoples (Austria,Holland,etc) under one flag and possibly assimilating the other countries within its realm. Russia would have been consumed with its communist party rebuilding & like what actually happened many times in the past, would rely on its weather to be its greatest defense. Without draining the German coffers to finance it's reconstruction France would be at a loss to stabilize. Italy, wouldn't have been considered any real threat on its own, regardless of who was in power. Now imagine Germany, not having to invade to obtain access to ports & potentially being more than 4 times it's prewar size. Would just the thought of not obtaining absolute victory been enough to rally the people to WWII? When you factor in that even to this day that German is still the most co...moremmon lineage in America, & how much more so it was 100years ago, a change in who the US viewed as an ally after Europe was divvied up would have possibly kept the US out of/or would have chosen a different side in the possible/probable/destined second world war.
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