Are The DCEU Justice League Hypocrites?

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  • [ – ] RossLovesMovies reply I think Flash would be the best choice for a moral compass. mainly because he has likely, judging by his fanboy approach to Batman, is a fan of these heroes and has the ability to see things from an outsiders perspective while also maintaining an upbeat attitude as the job of crime fighting has not turned him cynical yet. This way, when one hero takes a questionable action, Barry should be the one who notices how this is not the right way a superhero - somebody he saw as a stand for good in his life - should act, and eventually his positivity can be able to grow on the other characters.
  • RossLovesMovies reply Wouldn't be the first time a DCEU movie included main characters with hypocritical motives...
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply I think DC fucked up by making Man of Steel. Seriously, Superman and all related characters felt like they were cast in the wrong movie. That film would be better as a Devilman or Dragon Ball movie.
    • Fighting_Zenith parent reply Oh, there were at least five instances of Batman killing people. Three in the Golden age, one in the late '80s, and one in 1990. As for Aquaman, his design is so generic and all that hair would actually be a bit of a literal drag.
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