Kuzu no Honakai (Scum's WIsh) Episode 5 Review: Boredom, Lust, and Loneliness

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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply This show just seems to get more complicated every episode. It's kind of hard to untangle everyone's motivations without flippantly write them all off as neurotic and broken people. It's definitely more psychological than most of the anime this season. I can honestly say that now I completely hate Akane-sensei. She uses everyone as toys just because she's bored? Take up a hobby. Go on an adventure. I guess it's effective storytelling because there really are people like this and it is eliciting a response that was intended but damn man I just hate her so much.
    • Devomatics parent reply Yeah, its quite interesting to see how people interpret each scene differently just from personal experiences and I love that from this show as well as the complicated nature of it. And honestly Akane may be villain of this season. Btw thank you for the tip <3
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