Breath of the Wild Special Edition unboxing-Happy Switchmas part 4

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  • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion reply Did you mail the makers of that game to ask if they could send you that game for free together with a script? Just to give you ideas on how to earn money other ways than through your followers donations? Or perhaps you can review the game and ask a follower if they want to buy it of you when your done with it? Trying to give you some advice ;)
    • [ – ] cjallday1130 parent reply highly doubt Nintendo would ever send me review copies. im not a big name. xD Im not like PBG, Jontron, Completionist, CND, Etika, NintendoPowerCouple, etc.
      • Mr2ndopinion parent reply You can ask? What's wrong with practicing asking for deals? Perhaps you can also reach out to other big names and see what they can do for you? You can also re-watch your videos and 'hate' yourself... by that i mean look at it and write down what you didn't like in a video you did and try to make something better out of it for the next one... Wanne see one of my first video compared to 6 months later... it was a disaster back than. :p
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