TALKING 'BOUT THE WEATHER - Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town - SINGLE PLAYER!! - Part 4

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  • [ – ] KinTailFox reply Lots of ladies to pick from. Ann seems to be a bit tougher to woo but I'm sure you can do it. I also love you you go full southern for every female voice. I'm so jelly of your vocal talent. Best I can do is sounding like a strangled cat on fire. You make this game so nostalgic to me. Where were you when smol Kin was playing this? Having you narrate it would have been magic! #420blazeit joke. Rainy days are the best days and I enjoy relaxed and grind content, also a bit of a Minecraft player, could be why. No love for the nerd girl? Blasphemy!
    • SinglePlayer parent reply So. many. girls. I'm used to the 3 love options in AWL, so this is a bit much. Ann is way too tough for me. Hahaha I'm certain that isn't true, but I am glad you enjoy the voices! I only have like 2 girl VOs and I use them for everything. I was lego-obsessed growing up and did VO for their adventures, so that's where most of my voices (and my love for voice acting) spawn from. Odds are, I was off narrating some other Harvest Moon or Pokémon game. But hey, at least it's here for your viewing pleasure now! Always needed. Never got into MC, but have played it. I enjoy the grinding work, as well, to be honest. There's something kind of zen about just doing one thing over and over again. Gotta love what games do for us. She was too predictable! Plus she's just a female clone of me IRL. Felt like incest.
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