The Mainstream Media Takes Over YouTube

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  • duffy reply great analysis as always. we're working hard to build a better video community, where creators come first. glad to have you as part of the community!
  • watiszis reply I like this site, but don't think they should be scared to borrow some things from youtube and especially twitch! twitch is a head of the rest with the emotes, with the subscriber option. Option to pay to turn ads off. The sidebar should probably be closer to what you see on would like theather mode but guess someone will make a darkmode on stylish soon. Minds sort of reminds me of myspace, being cluttered and even worse trying to be all at once. Exactly why youtube gaming is never going to get big and people use twitch, and why google plus would not happen when you have other social media platforms. Start simple, think about adding on things later. All the big once right now started with VERY simple sites.
  • twillyallen reply Well said brother. I love YouTube. Ive been active on that site since 2006. Its sad to see that they are becoming like TV, but hey, thats what money does for people :/
  • Gam3r_Guy reply great video and true facts
  • Dtoons reply I'm tired of Youtube screwing me and other animators around. Not even a proffessional animator in the industry can churn out as much content as they are demanding. Will Vidme be the site that'll save internet animation? Meanwhile, I should start uploading content to Newgrounds again. They really got screwed by Youtube and I feel bad for its founder as he's doing the best he can to keep it running.
  • Monticue reply I have a bad feeling that youtube will not change back to a format that is friendly to smaller channels, which will only hurt them in the long run. Dont get me wrong I understand that a business needs to be profitable. People who go there dont necessarily care about TV anymore. The sad thing is, is that when the views stop coming the big boys will leave and take all there money with them leaving youtube without many content creators.
  • BeardedCoffeeMonkey reply Very good video. I found it informative and good production value. I appreciate your analysis. It's hard to pin down what YouTube is doing day to day and this helps shed some light on what's going on. I agree, working towards being a "video content creator" is better than just being a "youTuber".
  • Fighting_Zenith reply It looks like YouTube's fall is coming faster than expected.
  • MrATAndreiThomas reply This is the main reason I will not return to youtube in 2017 and beyond. I will stop posting videos on YouTube by the end of 2016 and spend mostly doing videos on Vidme into grow my channel, I joined on the same year of 2014 when this site has launched an I did not make any videos on here for the past 2 years until late this year right after youtube implemented the advertising friendly censorship guidelines bullshit.
  • duffy reply @watiszis we are indeed learning what we can from twitch. it has a lot going for it!
  • BrianAiya reply Great video, remind of what Matt Pat from the Game theory explained. I also never heard about , i will check it out.
  • watiszis reply hmm and maybe have the option to make paragraphs, since now everything is just hard to read.
  • G_Diffuser reply I think youtube will stay for a long time if they keep relying on corporate money and keep pandering to mainstream audiences. But all good content creators will most likely be gone by then
  • wm17 reply Vidme is great!
  • BlackbirdFrost reply I was right there with you up until the part about "liberal" bias. This has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with corporate greed. Not everything is a political issue.
  • Kellou reply Love this!
  • RabbitPlaysGames reply This video is incredibly well done! I love your analysis and thorough explanation of what's been happening with YouTube. Great work!
  • Vyktar reply Then people kept uploading YouTube content because the large majority doesn't know about these sites yet. But I do completely agree with what your saying. YouTube more then anything DESPERATELY needs competition.
  • TwoBitJesus reply I don't necessarily agree with the "Liberal" biased as I have seen plenty of conservative biased in main stream media as well. I completely agree on the corporate view point they want everything all shiny and clean so they can pump their ads and products to you whether they choose to wear the leftist or rightist het.
  • RubenLeija reply I can 100% agree with what you said. Sales people is really what ruins platforms. I also agree with "don't think of yourself of a YouTube but a content creator". That's the beauty about content creators; they can just upload their content on other places than just 1.
  • QuazzVids reply I love the quality of this film. Upvoted.
  • MrLeviNielsen reply Why is everyone calling this a conspiracy theory? It's kinda true.
  • themillennialrevolt reply Great Video Youtube is censoring alternative media its unfortunate
  • ToggleCoffee reply Very well thought out video, I'll enjoy your channel in the future, although I do hope vidme won't become something like this...
  • Animation_Overload reply Nice conspiracy theory.
  • PlanetPasta reply I have 66 subs on youtube so fuck me for being a small channel right? lol
  • pr0to reply Hence why I came here.
  • nodetact reply I can relate to Dave on something not obvious but still what was on the dilemma end of things, which is doing more research on new age social media versus snagging influence upon them soon enough to prove that not only have you already caught on to the potential (I can say inevitable as well... but I'm just trying to be wide minded here) SME wars but to prevent yourself from making the same mistakes judgemental people make all the time: uh, doing that. You won't be reckoned to the stakes to post fresh ideas and content as constantly as especially YouTube delegates towards; that is not the reason why your communities in Minds, Gab, Steem and (<- this is the arguable direct cross platform switch from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube, but I'm not forgetting to mention some others like BitChute, Seen.Life, MeWe and what have you) are ENGAGING YOU to spread out and enjoy supporting others. Sure, typing, subscribing and assisting CAN be time consuming, but this is to be wary in t...morehe stead that if you really are concerned about working at your own pace, you could at least offer people your trust that normally you'd shun for risky endeavors that I promise you will know for yourself if it ever becomes too much in the protection of society sense. Classic social media doesn't play fair game, and while they still have their pros other than publicity, they are gonna have a burden of a lifetime competing with whatever rivals truly best them - Hell, even the few we have nowadays with their friendly environments and innovating embraces as well as constructive monetizing and intriguing rewarding are already enough of a hassle at this point. Anyways, I wanted to imply this, but Mr. Cullen here as I've aforementioned earlier may have been just stating what he was aware of about Minds and being able to outsource YouTube (Minds PROVIDES video hosting and sharing... I never really saw it his way, if this is even how others consider it to be), but do seek out growing alternatives as they come, following his other disciple of being on as many social- no, wait... he was saying that about the only reasonable video hosts. Well, even still, give these a chance even if you don't believe to be gobsmacked by their attribution. I mean I have a pretty low brow when it comes to Seen.Life and MeWe as those are the only other alternating mains social medias that I haven't incorporated yet to my own world (so yes, I'm assuming to you that I have a BitChute), but like I said about CF, time will tell if I ever have second thoughts about what I seek out through extravagant communities such as these. I mean, that's what its all about, right? To be together in social media? Thanks for reading my long as shuck comment without any current minimizing tabs on; 'can't really offer my condolences for this but I just needed to prove out my point somewhere in due time before integrating these platforms more properly. Love you all! -nodetact
  • joshmoody24 reply As good as it would be (YouTube needs competition), it'll take more than this to cause a mass exodus.
  • Craftwithcookies reply and i knew it! YouTube is gonna collapse soon! not toally soon but real soon and im so glad i got featued while i had the time
  • Craftwithcookies reply I saw Jeffy! Who else saw him? Put @Craftwithcookies in front of your comment if you did
  • Contraband_Res reply This is very similar to the video by Game Theory about this subject, but with a little more focus on the politics of Google. Right now, I don't think YouTube is extremely biased, but who knows what will happen in the next 4, 8, 12... years. But for the past year or so, I've been seeing more videos like this. Videos that are entertaining and informative, but solely focused on how bad YouTube is becoming. YouTube is shooting itself in the foot by forcing its content creators to repetitively talk about this and also making YT just like TV.
  • MushyMushroom reply #theendofyoutube
  • PlanetPasta reply But back when youtube cared more about views there use to be so much clickbait of like 2 girls kissing in the thumbnails and when you clicked on the video there was nothing in it about lesbians or kissing.
  • Rawman reply I had a discussion with someone about this sorta thing lately and i thought it was common knowledge YT wanted to become TV 3 years ago. I noticed YouTube pushing more Jimmy Fallon/Kimmel etc from a very long time ago. first of all they started with internet trends like lip syncing and stuff like that and realised it worked well so they clearly pushed more for it from TV to YT and then it just done toooo well. I struggle to make 4 mins of (half decent) content a week. I cannot keep up with a studio that can pump our up to 100+ hours a week of content getting 60 million views just premiering David Blaines staged magic... Vid me looks like the only hope I have of getting more than 0 views. I go to YT to watch people like me make content that caters to my interest and that is the reason I made YT my primary source of viewing. But the content creators I like just cannot compete and a lot are struggling or lose hope.
  • PureJuice reply let's hope more people join
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