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  • [ – ] BagelNet reply I don't think we need virtual currency but paypal would be dope
    • BrunchTimes parent reply You sir are a legend!! You are the very first person to ever tip us, this calls for celebration!!😁😁😁 thanks so much!
  • KentonRhodes reply I am really not a fan of having virtual currency, Vidme doesn't need to be a middle man. I prefer to not have to do the mental math to convert it, like Twitches Cheers. Also, they really need to get their apps video player to work right. There are no video quality controls. You have to turn your phones screen rotation on to get a video into full screen. And it doesn't override the auto screen off, so the video will just shut off if your not paying attention to it.
  • [ – ] Expired99 reply Any smaller channels wanna help each other out?
  • JustABloke reply I must be the odd one here, I have and use extensively Paypal but I prefer a debit card. Vidme monetization through Stripe suits me perfectly, if Vidme implement other forms of payment even better. When you say YouTube can do it, I have never seen an option to pay via a video with Paypal someone on YouTube, can you please show me how ? From your suggestions , you want to turn Vidme into a YouTube clone. Annotations, Analytics. Looks like a step backwards in my opinion.
  • [ – ] Kentantino_Esp reply We got schedules for the videos that how I have my videos and yes we need analytics.
  • [ – ] CJwoodruff reply Solid ideas. Vidcoins!
  • [ – ] devthedoodler reply I do have one idea there should be a thing called "creators of the week". In which on the front page there will be like 3 or 4 creators on the top of the page before the videos. Now these creators have to have under 100 followers. One of the problems I have seen on every video platform website is that there are some creators that there content is excellent but they only have a low amount of followers. Which in some cases make me frustrated cause they deserve more recognition because of there content. Now I'm not sure How the vidme staff would pick the creators of the week.
    • [ – ] BrunchTimes parent reply I know exactly what you are talking about, one way is to do this might be to have a contest where people submit a video with a hashtag made and advertised by vidme, and those with the most up votes can get featured. Of course the rule would be you have less than 100 or what ever number of followers fits best!
      • devthedoodler parent reply I do think the basic idea of getting small creators noticed on the front page is a good idea it's just that how would we do that there are many options. I also had an another idea a few months ago similar to that which you reminded me of this the contest that you mentioned. The idea is called the vidme awards which the best animations,comedy, Weird Wide web,gaming and brain food in those categories would be a contest for the best year's videos in those category's and there will be a contest dosent matter how many views or upvotes you have only one video to submit. and there should be 1st-5th place winners and some prizes with those.
  • AxxL_Afriku reply i want a top list so i can see how many followers i have to get to become a top 10 guy on vidme
  • PrettyKoolCat reply I love Poky but the strawberry and chocolate ones are the best. :-)
  • Powerpuff reply You guys seem like a blast to sit down with to have a cup of coffee. I'm diggin this.
  • SamEarl13 reply Virtual currency is an interesting idea but PayPal would be awesome. Something I thought of that would be unimportant would be the ability to use anything you got via tips/subscriptions on the site before being actually paid it e.g. if someone tipped you $1 you could immediately spend that dollar tipping someone else if you wanted to.
  • KinTailFox reply This was very well said. A virtual currency would be a little strange but it's a solid idea, for now I'm just happy we can get paypal payments. It would really help a growing community of creators to be able to make at least a little money off of the site. Great video guys! Loved it to bits. I'll definitely be seeing you around.
  • CloudKnight reply paypal would be a major key !
  • SomeMediaGeek reply I like the idea of VidMe having a digital type of currency like BitCoin. I hang around on Twitch a lot and over there they do a thing called bits/cheers, basically where one bit equals one penny and, thus, 100 of 'em is equals to a buck. It'd be neat to see VidMe come up with something like that where the amount of one is an exact or close-enough equivalent to the cash payment. Obviously, foreign currencies would be a factor to consider but overall this is an idea I'd like to see. And I agree with you on the annotations. That'd be really handy :)
  • [ – ] RickyFyied reply Follow me and help me get verified
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