Take the Knee (And Break It!) Seven Figure Salary Whiners and Trump's NFL Statements

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  • [ – ] RobertTLongway reply Personally it's not a huge deal to me and I would fall on the side of supporting free speech (especially if the NFL allows it) - however if their ratings drop a lot and the players have to take pay cuts over the next few years they might change their tune and I would laugh at them
  • brileevir reply I'm not a sports fan either. I climbed for almost 25 years, but I think watching sports is boring. Do sports. Don't watch them.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply I like playing hockey but watching sports is boring to me. This is part of the reason... ohhhh i make 7 figures... but muh oppression!!!! I'M SO DEPRIVED YOU BIGOTS ..How about all the wars people had to die in to give ya the right to disrespect our country. It was almost unheard of before USA so it's more of a respect thing than political
  • peacey reply There ARE rules in the NFL regarding this: helmet in the left hand, right hand over the heart. So, yeah, they are breaking their own rules and driving their fans away. Good.
  • eh_jh_33 reply Protest off the clock, on the clock you better dance clown. In any event, kneeling during our anthem is not a popular position to take, Trump is forcing democrat politicians to come out in support of something big league unpopular, brilliant move. If kneeling takes on any other form, for example standing with locked arms, Trump wins, this has already happened!
  • brileevir reply Shapiro has a good take on this: Trump was wrong on principle to get involved. But nevertheless, it was a shrewd political move. The Left (over)reacted like Pavlovian dogs.
  • [ – ] JackDeplorable reply Generally I couldn't give a shit, but the owners of NFL teams have collected billions of taxpayer subsidies for those fucking stadia. Fuck all of them. Time to defund the public stadia.
  • SkelterHelter reply Pro sports going the way of Hollywood...people, we don't care about your political views. How hard is this to understand?
  • [ – ] mathphysicsnerd reply I'm all for the NFL dying out. It's a rather useless organization that just adds to the regional divisions in our country when we really should be focused as much as possible on local athletes and their ability.
    • [ – ] wolfalexzemla parent reply Sports has always been a tool to keep people distracted from politics. how many know who is their senator is vs the jersey number of any player they like
      • Platypus67 parent reply That's absolutely true; sports today is for people to get rid of some of their aggressions and frustrations. That said, football is rugby for faggots. But styx is completely wrong on the 'no blood' claim - there are dozens of heavily injured players every year and even some fatalities then and when! But i'm not interested in watching sports and i never was. To play my self is a differen story. (or WAS i should say...) What bothers me the most is the amount of money the players get payed; that's completely nuts! In the end WHAT exactly DO they get thrown millions their way?! The can run and kick a freaking ball - UUUUHH, what an achievement!!!
  • Luke_Redstar reply Those poor oppressed millionaires! If only there was a rubber ball they could crash into each other over!
  • wolfalexzemla reply Most of those players had brain damage to begin with.
  • [ – ] ironrope reply sports are mental drivel anyways and they are designed to make the modern male docile and retarded while watching other males expend energy and gather gratification from the comfort of their homes. it is pathetic and anti-male to watch sports/entertainment anyways and any "man" that actually takes sports seriously is the same as an housewife that watches HGTV and takes THAT seriously...still the same fucking thing. all of it is fake.
  • 173 reply Politicizing everything. It's the new edgy trend. Drink the Kool-aid kids!
  • [ – ] SkogComplex reply How would the response be if White players showed solidarity with the Alt Right? I don't want to hear about 'free speech' from those who'd never extend the same tolerance they want from others.
    • [ – ] sleeper69 parent reply We need white and asian quotas in the NFL and NBA. Basing professional sports jobs on ability is racist!
      • [ – ] wolfalexzemla parent reply Do you mean a pro sports affirmative action
        • sleeper69 parent reply Yes and I'm being sarcastic. Affirmative action of any sort is stupid. You don't penalize Kenyans for dominating marathons or Black Americans for dominating the NFL and NBA. Saying that racial disparity in athletic ability is OK but not academia is a double standard against white people. This is just the same as a double standard when it comes to how athletes of different racial groups are treated when advocating the interests of their racial groups. It OK for all or OK for none.
      • Liberty_Surveillance parent reply No problem. Just join a basketball team and it will make you taller.
  • [ – ] LT_Fish reply Saw some pics - apparently last year folks got banned for wearing 9/11 remembrance sneakers and got fined....t/w it was a Trump Jr. Tweet.
    • [ – ] LT_Fish parent reply not *banned* - *fined.* nuts. Villanueva for the Steelers though - that guy's a class act - no wonder his jersey is selling out.
      • [ – ] MDPhantasm parent reply Villanueva has recently issued an apology for "leaving his team under the bus", supposedly. He cucked out.
        • LT_Fish parent reply Very disappointing though. There was probably some intense peer pressure (or other pressure?) involved - I mean...seriously he did 3 tours. Imagine if it had been the other way around though.
  • PsychedelicBadger reply Virtue-signalling 1%ers going for the PC appeal, just like Hollywood.
  • RiskePatat reply Styx, you're gonna be at the WC Dickslapping ?
  • [ – ] Liberty_Surveillance reply I always wondered what it was with a bunch of muscled up guys getting together and jumping on each other???? Hmmmmm! Then other men like to watch this? Now for something completely different, violent ground acquisition games are the similar tactic to the armed forces thus the fly over. AND completely surprising to the general public is that these guys do disproportionate violent crimes...how strange is that? That's a 3 fa 1 comment.
  • jeffersondavis reply Money speaks volumes. The best thing people can do if an athlete, actor, or artist says something or takes an action that they disagree with is to stop going to the games, stop watching their movies/tv shows, and stop buying their crap. :)
  • TayEdge98 reply Nascar is a Motorsport. You drive obviously.
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