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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Even with your mistakes, your English is so much better than mine, and English is my 1st language (my wife is a teacher and she constantly reminds me not to speak in public without her because she's the only one that understands what I'm saying, I got a habit of using the wrong words). When I said a few videos back you'd make an excellent teacher, I totally reinforce that, but the pay sucks so FFS don't do that 😜 . Your videos are an excellent example of how to get your message out, clear, simple, and with your creativity twist to it. Just amazing really.
    • [ – ] MeetingSkylar parent reply haha i have a friend back in high school and she claims to be my personal translator, my classmates often ask me to help translate a small paragraph from english to chinese, and i'll need my friend there to help me translate my words to something my classmates can actually understand. i don't think i'll ever be able to teach though, it's likely i'll get into a heated debate with the kid over the simplest things. imagine this scenery where an adult argues with a children. that wouldn't be prettyπŸ˜‚
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Everything you mentioned about posting, I do the same, and I've spoken nothing but English my entire life. Yeah, my brain and my mouth fight a lot too. I mime too, but not to convey anything useful. I do it because I'm just being silly. The magic of video is that you can edit out everything wrong and then you seem perfect, but it's cool to show the mistakes too. That makes it more relatable to us, since we're not perfect either. I couldn't follow those fast English songs either. What we need is a translator program that takes broken English sentences and turns them into squeaky clean polished English sentences. Thanks for coming clean about your struggles with the English language! I struggle to speak and write coherently too. I have to read and re-read my posts to make sure they make sense too. Well done!
    • MeetingSkylar parent reply i actually mime when i speak chinese as well, miming has become a part of me and it always makes people laugh, so i like to mime since it brings happiness to others lol. i'm glad my videos could bring something even to my viewers who has english as their mother language. when it comes to speaking in general, my mouth simply couldn't keep up with my brain but as long as i'm able to convey my thoughts to others, i think it's okay haha.
  • [ – ] thepaulthomson reply Woah! You English is amazing!
  • [ – ] I3UTM reply Ni hao! Real English starts outside of school. There, you get to meet individual dialects. Pro-Tip! Most native English-speaking foreigners do not know how to speak proper English either! Cheerio!
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