Feminist mental health for men | Men's Mental Health w Tom and Paul

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  • whitezombie reply Men determine the roles women play. This is not a game you inbred imbeciles. This is not a pageant, this is for deadly real. We cooperate for survival of the species the tribe and the individual. Necessity determines the role the sexes "play". Who in their right mind would want the sex that gives birth exposed to constant danger, in a state of high anxiety all the damned time? What kind of offspring such a chemistry would produce? Adrenaline is toxic it literally kills you. Why would anyone want the breeding sex exposed to situations that require high adrenaline dose to cope with? I do not doubt that some did just that, stupidity is infinite after all, but they went extinct fast. You wonder at the low birth rates of first world countries when feminists do their utmost to create a chemical environment that is toxic to the foetus, nay to the zygote. To life itself. You wonder at the mentally unstable people yet you never wonder at what chemical environment these people were gestated ...morein. What effects nine months dependency on a toxic womb had in the development of the nervous system. On the brain itself. While it is true that the part that makes us human takes years to come in its own potential, and needs careful shaping if we are to end up with a human, human babies are not blank slates. They come pre programmed with a set of instructions . instructions encoded in their DNA. Instructions on how to grow what to eat and rudimentary controls of a still under construction myo sceletic system. Chemical imbalances in the womb toxic chemical such as adrenaline, the very heart rate of the host body are essential components to ending up with a human and not just another ape. And your theories and pseudo science do not help. You are literally creating genocide. Populating the world with an increasing number of hominids, and hominin on some cases, to the detriment of all. Yo ublame testosterone and "toxic "masculinity for everything. I am here to tell you that the culprit is adrenaline the life saving poison we ourselves secrete. Go ahead, i dare you , do a study. study the adrenal gland activity in modern day women. Do it if you have the guts. You r bullshit pseudo science floods their systems with poison. And then some idiots wonder that modern women are not happy. who in the name of little green apples could be happy with adrenalin flooding their system and danger signals lighting up both the central and the autonomous nervous systems, with no visible danger in sight? What kind of idiot would assume that it is good to flood the human body with a poison that is for emergencies only, and just leave it there with no way to flush the system or a signal to stop producing the poison ? The stupidity of some people is beyond belief. I will bet you that, if you search, you will find that most aberrant behaviour has its roots partially in adrenal over stimulation and over production. Feminist theory should come with a warning that it is hazardous to your health. And not the mental part alone. Go ahead, do the research if you dare.
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